Montane launch initiative to promote more sustainable consumer choices

British outdoor clothing specialist, Montane, has announced the launch of its new initiative, a ‘More Sustainable Choice’, as part of the brand’s continued strategy to improve consumer transparency.

The ‘More Sustainable Choice’ criteria has been defined as products using a minimum of 50% more sustainable materials, including recycled content, organic cotton, RDS down, non-mulesed wool and Tencel. Where products use a DWR, only those with a PFC-free DWR can qualify as being a ‘More Sustainable Choice’.

The label spans several product categories, and its purpose is to provide consumers with increased detail on Montane products. Where products meet the ‘More Sustainable Choice’ criteria, customers will be able to review information about the fabrics used, relevant certifications, and product origins, helping them to make more informed buying decisions.

As part of the brand’s wider environmental journey, sustainability plays a key part in Montane’s material sourcing decisions, where product performance remains paramount. This new initiative aims to promote increased awareness and understanding around sourcing and ethical consumption.

A filter on Montane’s website will enable customers to shop by ‘More Sustainable Choice’ products, with the range of products meeting the criteria planned to increase each season. Although many Montane products use ‘More Sustainable Choice’ materials, only those using 50% or more will receive the logo.

Montane CSR Manager, Anna Pitman, commented: “Highlighting ‘More Sustainable Choice’ products is an exciting step forwards for Montane’s sustainability agenda. We acknowledge that there is more to be done, however this criteria and additional product information sheds light on the materials we are using and the progress we are making.”

“Montane is working hard to lower its environmental footprint and enhance product transparency by increasing the range of ‘More Sustainable Choice’ products each season. At the heart of our sustainability agenda is product durability and longevity, which is supported by our product after care advice and UK repairs service.”

Find out more about the brand’s ‘More Sustainable Choice’ initiative here:

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