Ticket To The Moon’s Moon Chair is exceptionally comfortable

The Hanging Moon Chair by Ticket to the Moon is a highly-portable, camp-style chair, designed to be suspended from a suitable tree limb or fixed point, perhaps under a pergola.

It comes in a lightweight, drawstring bag approximately 100cm long. It weighs 1.7kg and has been designed to hold up to 120kg. It comes in 22 different colours and three variants Mini (for Children up to 12yrs), Original (which is covered in this review) and Premium (Hand finished teak bars). It is made in Bali, Indonesia. 

Its unique design and comfort make it a standout choice for relaxation. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with it and here’s why I would highly recommend it, despite a few minor drawbacks. First and foremost – the ease of setting up the Hanging Moon Chair impressed me. The package came with clear instructions and the assembly process was straightforward. Within minutes, I had the chair suspended from a sturdy tree limb, ready for use. The included hanging hardware was sturdy and reliable, ensuring a safe and secure installation. 

The quality of construction is another aspect that exceeded my expectations. The chair is crafted from durable materials and the stitching is solid and well-done. It feels robust and capable of withstanding regular use. The use of Aluminium poles, Nylon seat fabric and Stainless-steel hardware are tried and tested materials for this type of application. 

I appreciate the attention to detail in the design, as it adds to the chair’s overall aesthetic appeal. Whether it’s the sleek lines or the variety of available colours, this chair could blend in or POP out as desired. Comfort is where the Hanging Moon Chair truly shines. The sling style is comfortable and supportive, allowing for hours of relaxation. The fabric is silky to the touch and comfortable against the skin. I found myself sinking into the chair and instantly feeling at ease. Small folds of material along the sides of the chair allow your elbows and forearms to rest comfortably, like being seated in an armchair, which made reading a pleasure (there is a small pocket on the right-hand side, with room for a paperback or your sunglasses).  Whether to sleep, meditate or simply unwind at camp, the chair provided the perfect lounging spot. 

The Hanging Moon Chair

An outstanding feature that sets the Hanging Moon Chair apart is its adjustable footrest. This attaches to the hanging carabiner by a length of paracord and, while very simple in its construction, creates a feeling of weightlessness that adds to the overall comfort. The ability to elevate my legs, while sitting, intensified the relaxation experience, promoting better circulation and easing pressure on my lower back. This small addition truly enhanced my lounging sessions and contributed to the chair’s appeal. 

However, if you are taller than six feet, you may find the chair a little tight. While it will accommodate most individuals comfortably, taller users might experience a slight constraint. This is something to consider if you fall into this category. I am 6ft 2in and it wasn’t an issue for me, but it’s worth mentioning for those who may  require more space. 

One area where the Hanging Moon Chair could be improved is in its reclining set-up. The chair does have a reclining mechanism, which is achieved by sliding the hanging cords through a stainless-steel ring on each side of the chair. However, this is a little fiddly and perhaps worthy of an update or some after-market customisation? Adding adjustable sliders or a similar mechanism to modify the recline angle work well and offer easier adjustments. Nonetheless, this doesn’t detract significantly from the overall enjoyment and functionality of the chair. 

In conclusion, the Hanging Moon Chair is a fantastic addition to any space, whether indoor or outdoor. Its easy setup, quality construction, and exceptional comfort make it a standout choice. 


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