Montane extends its More Sustainable Choice Programme

Montane has extended its ‘More Sustainable Choice’ initiative which will now include communication tools to be available to all stockists across a wider range of products as part of the brand’s continued strategy to improve product transparency.

Montane’s ‘More Sustainable Choice’ (MSC) was initially introduced to wholesale customers as a trade-facing initiative, to assist buyers in making informed choices within the Montane range, before launching to consumers in August 2022. The MSC initiative has developed into a structured framework with a benchmarked criteria for MSC classification, which has also steered sustainability choices within the product development team.

The aim of MSC is to provide customers with increased detail on Montane products and allow them to make more informed buying decisions through increased transparency. A filter on Montane’s website enables customers to shop by ‘More Sustainable Choice’ products, sharing information about the fabrics used, relevant certifications, and product origins, helping consumers to make more informed buying decisions. Explanations for what the various credentials highlighted mean has also been provided within a Glossary on Montane’s website.

After highly positive feedback from consumers, the brand has taken the decision to offer the tables of information for all Montane MSC products to all stockists. Furthermore, the drive for a transparent approach will see Montane pledge to provide the same level of information on all products within the range in future seasons, regardless of its MSC classification.

Montane CSR Manager, Anna Pitman, said: “Highlighting ‘More Sustainable Choice’ products for consumers was an exciting step forwards for Montane’s sustainability agenda, but we acknowledged more needed to be done. The new suite of assets produced ensures that our retail partners can also communicate the initiative and extend the information to their own customers.”

“But this is a journey, and like many brands we are searching for ways to be more sustainable, transparent, and ethically compliant. The next step will be releasing all the product information that we have, including for products that do not hit our MSC benchmark of 50% more sustainable content.”

“This level of information will provide consumers with the information needed to shop more responsibly but also understand where and why decisions have been made, as sustainable material usage must be balanced with durability and product longevity.”

Find out more about the brand’s ‘More Sustainable Choice’ initiative here:

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