Campspot Outdoor Almanac reveals top summer travel trends

Campspot, the leading online marketplace for RV resorts, family campgrounds, cabins, glamping options and more, has partnered with Pinterest to publish the first edition of The Campspot Outdoor Almanac, an outdoor enthusiast’s guide to all of their favourite outdoor activities.

From stargazing to national parks to seasonal recipes, the Campspot Outdoor Almanac includes eight unique sections that feature key dates and events, trending data from both Pinterest and Campspot, expert advice, destination spotlights, and insights from a national survey conducted by Campspot.

In addition to the Campspot Outdoor Almanac, travelers can check out this summer and fall’s leading trends and plan the perfect camping itinerary with the Campspot + Pinterest board, a one-stop-shop for travelers to plan trips with Pinterest and book their stays with Campspot.

Top insights from the Campspot Outdoor Almanac include:

  • People are more excited to travel than ever: More than 63 million people engage with travel content on Pinterest every month, which makes it one of the biggest platforms for planning travel and where millions of people turn when searching for new travel ideas to take inspiration to action. Searches for “travel inspo” increased by +87% during mid-March to mid-April alone and are continuing to rise.
  • Camping is still on the rise: As the top online marketplace for camping, Campspot provides access to more than 180,000 campsites across the United States and Canada. In 2021, over 700k campers booked campsites through Campspot, and 707 new campgrounds joined the online marketplace, making it easier than ever for campers to find and book getaways in a matter of minutes.
  • Private campgrounds are helping more people visit national parks: While 54% of campers listed visiting national and state parks as a top reason for going camping, national park campsites are becoming increasingly difficult to reserve – but private campgrounds are helping to increase accessibility to national parks. For private campgrounds within 30 miles of a national park, Campspot saw bookings more than double.
  • Good WiFi is a shockingly low priority: Campers are much more worried about bugs than spotty WiFi, with a mere 3% citing spotty WiFi as their least favorite aspect of camping.
  • Camping isn’t just a trip, it’s a lifestyle—and a powerful one that travelers use as a lifeline to escape their busy and chaotic lives. In fact, 96% of campers say camping improves their mental health, 91% cited relaxation as their reason for taking a camping trip, and 33% of campers have a goal of becoming a full-time camper!

“We’re so excited to share the first-ever Campspot Outdoor Almanac,” said Michael Scheinman, CEO of Campspot. “We’re always looking for new ways to help campers plan epic adventures, and as the premier source of inspiration of all kinds, Pinterest is the perfect partner to help us launch the first edition.” The Campspot Outdoor Almanac is a free biannual digital and print publication. Travelers can sign up to have the next print issue delivered by visiting:

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