UYN Urban Trail Naked Woman Shoes

Born in the Italian mountains to climb the city, URBAN TRAIL NAKED – UYN – is the technical and sophisticated shoe dedicated to metropolitan adventurers.

The innovative UYN ultra-ventilated three-dimensional knit upper wraps and stabilizes the foot. Made of premium merino wool that provides extraordinary sweat and temperature control inside the shoe, and a natural anti-odour effect. To give you maximum stability, we were inspired by ibexes, the best climbers in the wild, and created the Urban Trail outsole with dual-density rubber and mega-cushioning midsole. For a smooth and secure walk on any terrain.


 – Ultra-elastic upper with 3D knit technology made with the finest Merino wool to keep your feet at a comfortable temperature

– Ventilation mesh on the sides and instep ensures excellent breathability of the foot

– Instep Bandage system reduces the formation of wrinkles under the lacing

– Powerrail technology allows even lacing tension distribution and contributes to perfect shoe stability

– The mega-cushioning midsole ensures a cushioned landing and a more explosive take-off

– Urban Trail outsole, inspired by ibex hooves, provides extra traction and stability on any terrain


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