NEBO – A Multidisciplinary Review

By Specialist Paramedic – Strategics/Tactics, Extreme/Austere Environments & Education

On receiving items from NEBO the packaging was sleek and in well sized, none wasteful packaging. Without knowing the price of individual items the kit and equipment looks quality that competes with high end brands double the price. On visual inspection and handling it looks robust for use in the real outside and austere environment and not just for campsite or home power cut situation. All items are ergonomic, designed with thought and research and good in hand, while still feeling like they could survive a drop or bump. Very lightweight and not cumbersome they would be easily packed or stored without worrying about weighing you or slowing you down.

Head Torches – Mycro 500 Headlamp
Thought has gone into the design and shape of head torches that allow it to sit on the head or helmet without compromising comfort. The straps could be longer to better accommodate a wider variety of discipline helmets but was suitable for most. The smaller head torch wasn’t the easiest to use with a gloved hand or finger as buttons are small and close together but was easily rectified once on. Small and light enough to be worn on the peak of a baseball cap without pulling the hat forward on the head. Once I had attached the smaller handheld torch to a picitini rail mount for use as a head torch it was easily operated with a gloved hand and both lit the room well while also providing a good level of peripheral vision. All without being too heavy or creating unbalance or neck fatigue. The flash/strobe setting is good for building clearance as allows for good shock/stun while also not hindering the operator vision. The added and optional wrist strap allows for extra security to be attached to a belt or onto a retainer strap incase it needs to be dropped and required almost zero set up. Both used in subzero, blizzard conductions and stood up well to cold, wet and ice with no real bother.

Hand Held Torch – Torchy 2k Rechargeable – Davinci 8000 Rechargeable
The large handheld torch was extremely bright and could be seen from mountain top multiple kilometres away in the middle of the day and is a good shape to be used as defensive item if required. The handheld large torch is also well balanced in weight, proportion and shape to allow for hanging on belt or placing in larger thigh pocket without becoming cumbersome or unbalancing. The smaller hand held torch mentioned above is great for small and concealed carry or belt pouch as is very light and small. It can be placed almost anywhere without compromising space or load. The colour of both is also not too black to look overly military or tactical but still also doesn’t give off shine due to slight matte finish. This makes it multipurpose and multifunctional.

Power Bank – Rambler 100 Powerbank
The power bank is a game changer and I will look to get another ASAP. A great colour and easily transported with minimal hindrance. What you add in weight and space you gain in literal days of power. The added light is great for emergencies and the clip allows for outer carriage. The ability to charge most items multiple times allows for added distance range and time without worrying about power. For the size and output it still charges incredible quickly. Awesome feature is that it has a handy feature of showing the power it is drawing to allow you to change to a better charging point if available to save time and hassle. Good in all weather and temperature while still providing piece of mind that essential power is on hand and easily, quickly accessible. I have utilised in remote and unforgiving environments to supply power to communication and satellite equipment, complex medical devices, personal equipment, sustainment kit and multiple more. Also discreet enough to not look overt and draw attention. No need for case for it which also allows for extra space and weight saving. I want another.

Lantern – Galileo Air 500
One of the most simple but one of my favoured NEBO pieces of kit was the folding lantern. What a great, easy, good looking and usable bit of kit. Stowed or packed extremely easily and allowing all round light that isn’t too bright to be uncomfortable to the eyes. lights up a room easily for treating castries, route planning, team briefs and things like cooking in ease. Very light and easily recharged. One of my go to packing items for sure. Good in all weather and has been left out over night in poor conditions multiple times to no detriment. From packed away to in use in seconds and the same for repacking.

I will be sourcing another powerbank immediately. NEBO kit works extremely well in many and multiple fields of work and disciplines. The potential for some more and different mounts and holds for torches would be great. With all NEBO kit I can switch job roles, uniforms and kit with ease and take the NEBO equipment with me with minimal hassle or time. All have various and multiple settings to suit user and operators and easily switched between. None of the kit requires a case or protection from elements or carriage as rugged enough on its own. All pack small. All add more in value than they do in weight. Well worth the carry and space sacrifice and requires zero to minimal maintenance.

In an interoperability world, with specialist job roles and multidisciplinary teams, where single function and unreliable kit and equipment gets left behind, NEBO delivers reassurance and reliance.

Have recommended to many and will continue to do so.

Review by Mr N Name.

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