UYN launches BioTech collection 

UYN, Unleash Your Nature, has released their new Biotech collection. The Italian brand’s new collection of technical underwear and socks are madefrom fibres derived from nature and enhanced through technology; and aim to bring sportswear into a new post-synthetic era.

The new range is made with fibres derived from natural ingredients and powered through UYN’s proprietary technologies – balancing the combination of performance, sustainability, nature, and technology. 

The Bio-tech collection has been launched as part of UYN’s continued mission to reduce dependence on synthetic, petroleum-derived fibres with a high environmental impact, while at the same time guaranteeing high performance in terms of durability, freedom of movement, breathability and temperature regulation.  

Marco Redini, CEO of UYN, said “Nature, technology and science are the three pillars that inspire our new developments and express the brand’s philosophy. The new collection is the result of research at our pioneering research academy, AREAS. Our intention is to lead the way in the apparel industry by pushing our sustainability policies further, and creating garments which are both high performances, and don’t damage the environment.” 

The ‘Biotech’ products have been put through their paces in collaboration with the world’s best athletes, who have been able to test the collection in a range of sport disciplines and weather conditions – including road and trail running; endurance cycling; and on the snowy peaks with national ski teams. 

The collection is made from next-generation biomaterials – focused around five core bio-based fibres developed by UYN – Kapok, Flexicorn, Biolight, Ecolypt and Natex

The range has three new model lines – ENERGYON BIOTECH, EVOLUTYON BIOTECH and FUSYON BIOTECH.  

Energyon Biotech – underwear ideal for high intensity activities at medium temperatures. Made with Natex and Ecolypt yarn the garments are designed to keep the wearer cool and dry.  

Evolutyon Biotech – designed for sports activities in medium to cold temperatures. The ultra-lightweight Kapok fibres effectively regulate body temperature by cooling the athlete during activity and warming them whilst idle. Biolight yarn contributes to the high breathability and Flexicorn guarantees a body-hugging and extremely comfortable fit.  

Fusyon Biotech – created from an innovative combination of extra-fine Merino wool, Ecolypt, Natex and Flexicorn for high thermal power. Ideal for low-temperature activities, Fusyon biotech envelops the body with a unique feeling of natural comfort and adapts to every movement. 

All three collections include long-sleeved shirt, long pants and 3/4-length pants. Each garment is made from 99% of a sophisticated mix of bio-fibres that replace traditional synthetic fibres – with around 1% of elastane and polypropylene inside, especially in the waistband area, not in contact with the skin. 

The Biotech collection is completed by Ski One Biotech socks, designed for skiers seeking the perfect match of performance and comfort. Made with all five biomaterials engineered together, the result is extraordinary temperature regulation, high breathability and an amazing feeling of natural softness on the skin. 

UYN’s patented technologies are featured throughout. The Ski One Biotech socks feature ZEROCUFF technology that increases comfort. COOL AIR FLOW micro-channel system promotes the aeration of the foot for an optimal micro-climate and the TARGET COMPRESSION BANDAGE technology allows the compression to be localised exactly where it is needed, so the sock remains perfectly tight to the foot without creating creases and abrasions. 

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