Vango unveils brand story campaign

Vango, has launched a major advertising campaign across the UK to showcase the brand’s camping heritage and excite new and existing Vango customers into the world of camping.

The outdoor brand is collaborating with Glasgow based, global strategic brand agency MadeBrave to deliver an emotive and powerful campaign named ‘The Spirit of Adventure’.

Scheduled to run from today until May 12, the campaign is the brand’s biggest marketing investment to date and will feature on multiple platforms including SKY Adsmart, ITV, and across digital media.

The brand unveils the story of ‘The Spirit of Adventure’ through a nostalgic look at a young women’s first camping experience with her grandad, brought to life in later years when taking her own family camping. Built on the brand’s authentic heritage, the video traces Vango’s original Force 10 tents through to its pioneering AirBeam family tents which have made the brand a household name for campers alike for over five decades.

Rob Birrell, Vango’s Marketing Director, said:  “The last two years have seen unprecedented participation in outdoor activities, from staycations to walking and cycling in your local area. We want to take the opportunity to show Vango’s rich camping heritage and in turn, show the memories which can be made and life’s moments which can be celebrated through camping experiences.

“Our campaign brings to life our core messaging of encouraging thrill-seeking explorers, first time campers, and casual family campers alike, to create their own adventures, and produce memories that will never be forgotten.”

The campaign is part of a long-term communications and marketing strategy for Vango which will run in tandem with the brand’s ambitious and trailblazing product development programme and sustainability mission.   

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