AceVolt Campower: The new portable power stations specially designed for camping

AceVolt, an industry expert in outdoor electric camping gears, has created their ‘AceVolt Campower’ portable power station for camping enthusiasts throughout the United States.

The AceVolt Campower portable power station offers various features, making it the ideal product for camping enthusiasts. The AceVolt Campower solar-powered generator adopts the safest LiFePO4 battery; customers can use the battery over 2,500-time charge cycles instead of the 500-time charge cycles seen throughout the industry. Using the LiFePO4 battery cells supports a longer battery life and a safer camping experience offered by AceVolt. This proves that the AceVolt Campower portable power station is sure to be a must-have camping gear for camping.

“We are launching our first 2000W LiFePO4 portable power station later this month (April). There is another 700W portable power station coming later in May that we put much effort into developing with 100 campers,” said the founder of AceVolt. “During the pre-sale period, anyone who subscribes to our newsletter will get a discount”.

The AceVolt Campower is a solar-powered solution to ensure camping enthusiasts access a reliable form of electricity. Additionally, this is also an eco-friendly option for their customers.

AceVolt prioritises battery safety, ensuring their customers do not need to worry about overheating, fires, and explosions. Their ultra-stable LiFePO4 battery offers durability and electrical safety. Prioritising safety adds another feature to the AceVolt Campower to ensure it stands out among other similar products in the industry.

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