Sustainability is a driving force behind today’s outdoor industry

Sustainability is a driving force behind today’s outdoor industry. This commercial focal point of the future will also be addressed in a wide-ranging number of ways during OutDoor by ISPO, which will be held from June 12-14, 2022.

This year’s edition of OutDoor by ISPO will provide visitors and industry experts with a far-reaching mix of exhibitors that includes innovative products, solution-driven dialogues, three conferences and thought-provoking information for decision makers in the outdoor industry. The primary aim of these activities is to successfully foster regenerative value creation and further business success on the basis of regeneration of people, society and nature. As part of these efforts, a number of special areas will be offered at the trade fair, including the ISPO Awards Exhibition, the Sustainability Hub, the GreenroomVoice Transparency Tour, a highlight exhibit set up in the foyer and the integrative OutDoor Conference. Each activity will provide visitors with insights and outline best-case scenarios for sustainable and solution-focused ideas. Guided media tours of selected brands will showcase the industry’s innovative ideas in these thematic areas. Register now!

Sustainability Hub

The Sustainability Hub will offer a range of perspectives and introductions to the topic of traceability and transparency. Such brands as ICEBUG and VAUDE will join NGOs and partners like Suston Magazin in making presentations. The hub will serve as a source of comprehensive information about environmental and social impacts. It will focus in particular on climate-protection measures. Each day, a GreenroomVoice Transparency Tour will be held as part of an arrangement with GreenroomVoice. The tour of the hub for trade fair visitors will be led personally by curator Anna Rodewald from 11 a.m. to noon. She will also answer questions and provide other information. The Sustainability Hub will be located in Atrium 4 on the second floor.

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ISPO Award Exhibition

Sustainability is a major trend in the sports industry — a fact also reflected in the products that have been nominated for an ISPO Award. “This dominating trend was clearly seen in the latest ISPO Awards,” said Andi Spies, an award juror and editor at large on the news staff. “Product developers have been increasingly integrating sustainability into their work for years now. This trend is showing no signs of slowing down. The benchmark here is mono-material textiles and functional clothing that is completely biodegradable. Product durability is another aspect of sustainability. Modern products last longer thanks to the extremely tough materials and robust components that are used to make them. A supposedly higher price is justified in these terms.”

Most of the winners of the first and second rounds of competition in 2022 will be presented for the first time at OutDoor by ISPO in Atrium 4 (second floor, booth number 006). They will also be showcased on for an entire year.

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Brand-new outdoor conference on the future of the economy

Regenerative value creation will be the focal topic of the OutDoor Conference that will be held on June 13 and 14 in a tent. It will explore one pressing question: How can commercial success be achieved in a way that also addresses the desperately needed regeneration of people and societies as well as nature and the climate.

Successful entrepreneurs who work in the outdoor and other industries will discuss how this is being achieved around the world today with the help of specific figures and examples. The speakers will focus in particular on such pressing outdoor issues as supply and value chains, retailing, companies, technology, the climate, human rights and financing. They will explore one other critical question as well: How can we work with political leaders to create an improved framework that fosters sustainable business practices?

In addition to leading outdoor representatives, the speakers will include:

  • Joao Paulo Ferreira, the CEO of Natura, a company that made the journey from start-up to successful global group by applying the principles of regenerative value creation.
  • Laura Santucci, an individual whose leading positions in the Obama White House and the United Nations have taught her how to turn good ideas into specific political policies.  
  • Vinod Kumar, who produced technology and supply-chain success by promoting human dignity while serving as CEO of Tata Communication and Vodafone Business.
  • Hunter Lovins, who as co-author of “Natural Capitalism” and 15 other books has shown how long-range commercial success can be based on sustainability.
  • Merijn Dols, who supports material circularity, regenerative agriculture and food in his position as Open Innovation Director at Danone.

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Innovation Labs

Once the conference has ended, the ISPO Group and NOW Partners, a key co-organizer of this meeting along with the European Outdoor Group, will offer innovation programs throughout the year. During these programs, experts will show outdoor companies how they can achieve commercial success in all business activities by focusing on the regeneration of people and societies as well as nature and the climate. In the process, trade-fair and conference inspiration will turn into specific help that will foster a company’s transformation! You will find more information at the conference that will be held in the Socializing Area of the River & Forest Conference Tent, across from the MOC.

Sustainable product highlights

More than 50% of exhibitors will showcase sustainable solutions in the area of product, material and processing development. Visitors will discover a huge range of newly developed outdoor products in the exhibition areas as well as the highlight presentation in the foyer of the MOC. Well-established companies will present their answers to changing consumer needs and new supply chains along with start-ups:

The sustainable outdoor shoe brand DOGHAMMER stands for fair production and functional shoes made of such sustainable materials as cork, cotton and recycled plastic that has been fished from the world’s seas. The company’s approach boots with recycled soles are produced by hand under fair conditions.

  • EDELRID offers high-quality safety gear to mountain climbers and bouldering athletes. The brand will present the world’s first recycled helmet (Zodiac 3R) at OutDoor.
  • GRÜEZI BAG sells first-class sleeping bags designed for all climate zones. All products include natural insulation known as “DownWool” and “Oeko-Tex.” The Swiss brand will also display a completely biodegradable sleeping bag: the Bopod DownWool Ice CompostAble.
  • The Scandinavian tent-maker NORDISK will present another completely biodegradable product.
  • The sleeping bag Classic Eco 500 sold by MOUNTAIN EQUIPMENT is made completely of recycled material.
  • The performance running shoe Pursuit Explore sold by Scott is the first product made by re-source by SCOTT Running. The shoe is made of completely recycled upper material and recycled EVA. All aspects of the shoe work together to create a product with the very smallest footprint – both in terms of running and sustainability.

Ambitious sustainability goals of the trade fair exhibitor

Sustainability begins as an attitude. In a reflection of its own commitment to the issue, Outdoor by ISPO has joined with MEPLAN to intelligently and sustainably create a number of trade-fair touchpoints and offer advanced solutions. These solutions range from smart trade-fair construction concepts to resource-conserving material use and climate-neutral trade-fair booths. As part of this effort, concept modules for booth construction will be stored in the Sustainability Hub in Munich. This will reduce transport distances and enable the modules to be reused as frequently as possible. The modules are also made of regional wood and produced by Bavarian companies. Monitors, plants and scaffolding systems are being rented from local event companies. Three different pre-built packages that come in two sizes each will be used at OutDoor by ISPO. All three packages fall into the category Upcycling Architecture. This concept is being applied not only in the pre-built packages, but also in the design of the highlight exhibit set up in the foyer and of the curated exhibits in Atrium 1-2-3.

GoGreen CO₂ compensation, the way to climate-neutral travel

The balance between social responsibility and commercial growth is becoming increasingly important. Both factors play a major role at trade fairs in particular because they offer a look at the future. This, in turn, raises the need to consciously integrate climate protection and sustainability into business life and trade-fair presentations. Visitors have a choice: 

Travel by bike, including charging station:

Travel by train & a special €9 ticket for public transportation:

Travel by car & e-charging:

GoGreen ticketing for visitors:

Exhibitors are not the only ones who can foster climate protection. Visitors can also do their part for the environment when they purchase trade-fair tickets. The GoGreen trade-fair ticket enables them to quickly and easily shrink their carbon footprint. What’s more, it will not cost them one cent more to do so. Under a program being carried out jointly with the partner myclimate, the purchase of a visitor ticket will facilitate a €5 donation to certified climate-protection projects (Gold Standard, Plan Vivo). This donation will not only reduce greenhouse gases, but will also demonstrably support regional projects.

You will find the entire program here:

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