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The UK market can benefit by connecting with Outdoor by ISPO

As the curtain came down on this year’s Outdoor by ISPO a call has been made to increase the UK’s presence at the show.

OutDoor by ISPO saw more than 600 exhibitors in three halls, over 5,000 square metres of outdoor space, three hubs and three stages at Messe München trade fair centre from June 3-5, 2024.

David Owen, Official Representative of Messe München and GHM in the UK & Ireland, wants to increase the UK’s participation at the show.

He said: “I really enjoyed being there. It was energetic, international, colourful and a nicely planned event. In the new venue, they did a really good job of having the atrium as outdoor space, with tents, a beer garden and socialising area. And then off those, the halls were planned with sections with the market in mind. Things like the sustainability hub, text trends and the ISPO Awards are also really key to the show as crowd pullers.”

The multifaceted supporting programme at OutDoor by ISPO also included talks by athletes, for example, professional climber and human rights activist Nasim Eshqi, trail runner Kimi Schreiber and fitness coach Chase Tucker. Other highlights included the interactive Climbing and Watersports Hubs and the Trail Running Test Track, where visitors could try out and experience the sport and new products.

8,000 trade visitors took advantage of the trade show to network internationally and to learn about the industry’s latest developments, trends and products.

And that’s why David believes that is why the show would be a huge benefit to the UK market.

He said: “The number of countries that attended show that Outdoor by ISPO is truly an international event and on people’s radar to network, team build, see their peers, see their competitors and really get together to discuss all the topics that are affecting us now and in future.

“The British presence was slightly down on last year. I think that was because it was a new venue and people just wanted to see how it worked.

“Next year the dates will be May 19-21. So, a little earlier, I think people will come back in a bigger way because they know what they’re up against and how people presented themselves. I think people were checking the show out and had in their heads that they are going to the ISPO show in December and there’s the Outdoor Trade Show at the end of June. The OTS isn’t as international but it’s also on people’s radar in terms of diary, cost, etc.

“The reason British brands and retailers should attend Outdoor by ISPO is the show isn’t just about the products and selling. There’s a far greater spectrum on offer. Such as future topics that affect everyone, sustainability and the environment, for example, and being well connected with the industry internationally. I think that’s a huge benefit. Some brands used the show as a team building exercise and brought everyone in to get pumped and excited about the product. So, from that perspective, it’s definitely worthwhile. I think it’s also rewarding for teams to come over to an international event in a lovely city such as Munich and have three days of intense selling, fun and networking.

“British retailers should come to the show because in some cases they can see an entire range of products, not just the ones available in the UK, so you could freshen up the UK market a little by seeing something interesting and new at Outdoor by ISPO and bringing that over to the UK.

“You can’t really replace the face-to-face interaction. We’re going contact to everyone who should have been there and say, look, this is what you missed.”

But, ISPO are not just going to sit on their heels and wait for people to attend. They are going to reach out to UK retailers and brands.

David added: “We’re also going to be at OTS, held in Liverpool on June 18-20, as well. Lena Haushofer, Exhibition Director ISPO Munich and OutDoor by ISPO, is coming over from Munich to speak to people who haven’t been to our show before to just say, look, ISPO is very well known you may not know how you can position yourself for the show and that information is important.”

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