Nikwax exclusively presents new, eye-catching label designs

Nikwax, the global leader in environmentally safe aftercare and waterproofing solutions, showcased its new label designs from across its product range at the Outdoor Trade Show. 

The refreshed designs clearly communicate that each of the brand’s products deliver maximum effectiveness, while minimising environmental impact. Simultaneously, they inform customers about the many exceptional features and benefits of the product ranges. 

The new eye-catching, brightly designed labels, with striking images, will appeal to new customers as well as existing and loyal users.  In addition, the number of washes and environmental credentials are clearly marked on the label with the ‘Green for cleaning’ and ‘Purple for proofing’ coloured bottle tops remaining.  To further reinforce Nikwax’s environmental commitment and its promotion of sustainability, the bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic, as well as being recyclable. 

The new product labels will also be featured on the newly refreshed Nikwax website ( when distribution begins in July 2022.

“Nikwax is committed to constantly improving our products and how they are presented,” said Zoe Hewitt, Head of Marketing Communications for Nikwax. “The new label design allows us to clearly and creatively communicate the many benefits of our highly innovative product range to customers for years to come.”

The newly designed labels aim to:

  • Allow customers to identify the most suitable Nikwax product quickly and without the need for staff assistance when instore.
  • Attract new customers whilst encouraging the current customer base to also try other products in the range.
  • Strengthen Nikwax’s position as the global leader in environmentally safe aftercare solutions.

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