More Green Ribboners take on the Swedish mountain range

This weekend marks the start for the first of nearly 100 adventurous hikers or runners who aim to traverse the entire Swedish mountain range this summer.

That is, from Grövelsjön to Treriksröset in the very north, or vice versa. They have all taken on the challenge of the Green Ribbon and have approximately 1300 km ahead of them. Along the way, they’ll encounter all kinds of weather, incredible views, unforgettable encounters, and quite a bit of challenge and exertion. And a memory for life.

More than ever before have signed up for Green Ribbon this summer, with nearly 100 registered at the moment and more likely to join. They have the entire Swedish mountain range ahead of them, approximately 1300 km and 2-3 summer months, between Grövelsjön in Da- larna and Treriksröset in the far north (the three-kingdom heap). They can choose their own route (west of certain designated places), and it’s not a competition but a challenge and experience that requires both physical and mental strength as well as a good deal of experience. A challenge and experience that will create countless memories for life.

In total, 352 Green Ribboners have completed the entire challenge out of the total of 474 who have started since 2011. This year, the list is filled with 10 international names, including representatives from the USA, Germany, Denmark, Norway, and Poland. Just over a third of the participants are women.

Anna Wassdahl from Östersund completed the White Ribbon in 2021, the winter version. Now, she’s gearing up for her Green Ribbon and will begin her hike from Grövelsjön heading north on May 25th.

It’s going to be fantastic, and I’m really looking forward to it, feeling excited already! says Anna Wassdahl. I want to take on a challenge that I can conquer on my own and I want to be outdoors, enjoy the scenery, and ’go back to basics.’ When I did the White Ribbon, I noticed the incredibly effective impact it had on my mindset when all I needed to focus on was walking my miles and figuring out how, where, and when to sleep and eat. The main focus was on myself, and I truly long for that feeling again!

The idea for the White and Green Ribbon originated during the expedition ’Sweden around’ in 1997, when Torkel and Annica Ideström made their way around the country’s borders by skiing, kayaking, and cycling. Now, the White and Green Ribbon is synonymous with a Swedish classic in the world of mountain hiking.

It’s incredibly motivating to see the Green Ribbon grow every year, says Torkel Ideström. We can see that more and more people are inspired to spend extended periods of time outdoors. We’re hoping for a great summer along the mountain range, and we look forward to following many adventures.

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