Four new female athletes added to #TeamMontane programme

Montane has announced the onboarding of four new leading female brand athletes ahead of the summer season.

Joining #TeamMontane for 2023 are paraclimber and boulderer, Abbie Robinson, ultrarunner, Victoria Thompson, mountaineer and runner, Marie Cheng, and hiker and trail runner, Bee Leask, as the brand builds upon its burgeoning network of pioneering athletes and adventurers.

Since the early 90s Montane has worked with some of the world’s leading athletes and outdoor professionals, ranging from ultra-endurance runners to high-altitude mountaineers and expert climbers. The #TeamMontane programme supports leaders in the field to successfully complete their challenges, inspire others, and provide the resources so that they can push themselves to go Further. Faster.

Marie Cheng said: “Working with and representing a brand is in my view, an extension of who you are. You need to love and trust what the brand does, what they make and what they stand for, and what I love about Montane is that they are passionate about inspiring ordinary people like you and I to go out there and do extraordinary things. As someone who is really pushing her running this year, I think there is no better trail and mountain running brand to be working with and am super excited to see what the next year has in store.”

Abbie Robinson added: “I’m super excited to be joining Team Montane this year. I’ve been using Montane kit for years and it’s always had my back whether I’m out at the crag bouldering, training and travelling for competitions or exploring in the mountains. Being present, taking in the experience and getting into flow is really important to me, especially when I’m on the wall. Having kit that I can always rely on to keep me warm, dry and moving well allows me to do just that and Montane never disappoints! I’m really looking forward to having their support for even more adventures this year!”

The move comes as the brand continues its support for initiatives that work to remove barriers to the outdoors for women. In February, Montane announced that it would be the headline sponsors of The Alpine Club’s ‘Expedition Essentials for Women Explorers’ event, which aimed to make climbing and expeditions more accessible to female adventurers. This was followed up by Montane earlier this month launching an inspiring video produced by an all-female crew, starring four pioneering #TeamMontane women with the aim of inspiring the next generation of explorers, to mark International Women’s Day 2023.

Montane’s Marketing Executive, Athlete and Event Lead, Hannah Foster, said: “At Montane we strongly believe in making the outdoors as accessible as possible for women, and are eager to work alongside leading female outdoor professionals, to empower them to break new boundaries, in addition to inspiring the next generation of female explorers. Our #TeamMontane athletes are the best adventurers and outdoor professionals around, and I’m delighted to welcome Abbie, Victoria, Marie, and Bee to our growing community of trailblazing athletes, as they seek to go Further. Faster.”

More information on Montane’s athlete programme can be found at:

Header image: New #TeamMontane athlete Abbie Robinson winning gold at the paraclimbing world cup in 2022

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