EcoBuggy launches breakthrough natural mosquito, tick repellent

EcoBuggy, a breakthrough natural, 100 per cent plant-based mosquito and tick repellent has been launched in the US.

EcoBuggy provides up to six hours of continuous protection – up to three times longer than many other mosquito repellents. It is developed with 100 percent plant-based ingredients, and does not contain DEET or Picaridin, making it safe for children, pets, fabrics and the environment.

EcoBuggy uses Hydrogel-Time-Release (HTR) Technology – a scientific breakthrough that enhances nature’s own protective elements, gradually releasing the active ingredients over time, ensuring long-lasting performance. EcoBuggy is dermatologist tested and approved.

EcoBuggy also offers two bed bug products: a Bed Bug Killer Spray that is 100 percent plant-based, and a Bed Bug Early Detector Trap with a patented crush-proof design. Both products are free of any toxic chemicals and safe to use around children and pets.

“EcoBuggy is the only repellent on the market that offers longer, safer, all-natural protection that allows you to enjoy the outdoors without compromise,” said Calvin Johnston, CEO, EcoBuggy. “Clinical tests prove that EcoBuggy’s 100 percent plant-based, natural formula lasts three times longer than family DEET products and many natural brands. That’s 100 per cent peace of mind. And no compromise.”

EcoBuggy is available as a repellent spray in the Mosquito Family Formula, lasting up to three hours, or Mosquito Max formula, lasting up to six hours. Both products provide up to eight hours of tick repellency. EcoBuggy also offers Bed Bug Killer Spray and Bed Bug Traps. The products retail from $9.99 to $24.99 and are available nationwide at EcoBuggy is manufactured in the US. The packaging is domestically sourced and recyclable.

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