News, food insecurity and foraging for wild edibles, a wild food foraging authority, announces the availability of new foraging season calendars and a unique booklet ‘How to Preserve and Store Wild Edibles’.

By teaching people how to forage for free food in the wild, can help alleviate food shortages that the world is increasingly facing.

“Food insecurity is fast becoming a reality that affects more and more people in the world today,” says Karen Stephenson, owner of “This is readily apparent by the increasing amount of interest people are showing about foraging for edible plants and wild mushrooms.”

These new foraging calendar PDFs list when each edible part (e.g. leaves, flowers, roots, berries, etc.) can be foraged, and are available for the following regions: Northeast USA and Canada, Southeast USA, Midwest USA and Canada, Northwest USA and Canada and Southwest USA. Each calendar has taken many hours of research to put together and can save new and experienced foragers alike a great deal of time when it comes to gathering wild edibles.

How to Preserve and Store Wild Edibles is a print publication that gives people detailed instructions on what to do after they have harvested their wild food. Another available publication is the one-of-a-kind Winter Survival Food.

“Climate change is just one factor when it comes to this food crisis. There is global instability as well as the potential for catastrophic events which could seriously exacerbate the food shortages some places are experiencing,” says Karen. “People can empower themselves against this threat by learning how to safely find and store free wild food that is also more nutritious than much of the produce we see in grocery stores”.

In addition, Karen just completed a manuscript about wild mushrooms for a major New York publisher with a release date of September 2022. This will be Karen’s second book; her “Foraging Cookbook” was released in July of 2020. Be sure to watch for announcements about this new book on the website.

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