Columbia rolls out its hiking plan in Europe with the Columbia Hike Society

Columbia, a leader in outdoor apparel and gear, announces the rollout of its acclaimed hiking program, the Columbia Hike Society, across Europe.

This Columbia Hike Society expansion marks a significant milestone in the Columbia commitment to promoting outdoor exploration and fostering community engagement through hiking in key markets.

The Columbia Hike Society, a flagship initiative aimed at fostering a vibrant hiking community, makes its debut in Europe. The program was launched in the UK in 2022, through which Columbia developed a series of free hikes led by collectives and content creators across the UK. 

Building on its success, Columbia initiates the program in France in 2024 alongside the ongoing program in the UK. Research shows that hiking continues to drive outdoor participation, especially among younger demographics with clear expectations including outdoor knowledge and social interaction. 

This is precisely what we aim to provide through the Columbia Hike Society – an immersive experience. In France, Columbia kicked off the program with certified hiking guides and existing social communities, collaborating to offer a variety of 50 hiking experiences from April to October all around France, with a total projected participation of around 1000 hikers. Working with a diverse roster of hiking leaders underscores the importance of professional guidance and experiential learning in enhancing the hiking experience.

In Germany, Columbia continues its collaboration with MegaMarsch, a renowned mass-hiking series, as a presenting partner. With the partnership now entering its second year in 2024, Columbia reaffirms its commitment to supporting large-scale hiking events that attract thousands of participants seeking outdoor adventure and camaraderie.

In Spring 2024, Columbia launched its “Get Hiked” brand campaign, which emphasizes the brand’s focus on the hiking category and embodies the spirit of adventure and outdoor exploration. This dynamic and visually striking digital-first campaign is bolstered by multi-platform media outreach and strategic partnerships with esteemed entities such as BRUT, STRAVA, and Les Others, amplifying Columbia’s message to diverse audiences.

Finally, concerning products, the brand expands its product lineup to cater to the evolving needs of outdoor enthusiasts. In Spring 2024, Columbia introduced OMNI-MAX™, a fast-hiking footwear platform through a new footwear collection named KONOS™. This fast-hiking footwear franchise features the new OMNI-MAX™ technology platform, combining traction, stability, and cushioning for nonstop underfoot comfort and energy return.

Romain Cancilleri-Michy, Brand Manager Europe Columbia, said: “Columbia was born in the outdoors in 1938. In 2024 we are still in love with the outdoors but more importantly, in the last 5 years, we have seen a new generation of hikers joining the outdoors, with their own expectations and willingness to unlock their outdoors. They are inspiring us to do more for them and for the outdoors. This is the Columbia Hike Society purpose and the goal of our overall brand initiative.” 

With the European expansion of the Columbia Hike Society initiative and the launch of our dynamic brand campaign, “GET HIKED,” Columbia reaffirms its dedication to cultivating a vibrant hiking community and inspiring outdoor enthusiasts across the continent. By partnering with MegaMarsch, introducing innovative offerings like the Omni Max fast hike platform, and collaborating with esteemed organizations, we aim to elevate the hiking experience and promote a deeper connection with nature. 

As we continue to engage with hikers of all skill levels and backgrounds, Columbia remains committed to empowering individuals to embrace adventure, explore the great outdoors, and create lasting memories. Join us on this exhilarating journey as we invite Europe to GET HIKED with Columbia.

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