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Tow Float – Swim buoy perfect for keeping you safe and visible while swimming in open water. The inflatable Tow Float is available in bright orange and pink to increase visibility to other water users. 

Tow Float Elite – High visibility performance tow float features an external mesh pocket to hold nutritional gels, a small water bottle or those all important jelly babies. 

Tow Donut – A highly visible tow float with waist strap and an integrated dry bag pouch. The small dry bag sits in the center of the donut, out of the water, and is perfect for small items such as car keys and phone.

Tow Float Pro – The larger Tow Float Pro is perfect for open water swimming where extra visibility is critical. The Pro features a perimeter grab rope making this float ideal for pairs or groups.

Hydration Float – A highly visible tow float with waist strap and an open top slot for drinks bottles up to 750ml. Ideal for swimmers that want to put in a long training swim but stay hydrated while in the water.

Tow Woggle – The Tow Woggle has been designed for those new to swimming in any environment. The woggle acts as a traditional swimming noodle and can be easily deflated for efficient storage. As water confidence increases the woggle can be towed behind the swimming on a short leash attached to a waist belt.

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