The Making of The Alpinist’s Marc-André Leclerc

The podcast, Andrew Petty is Dying, is to air an exclusive interview with Michelle Kuipers, the mother of Marc-André Leclerc.

Leclerc’s life is the subject of the acclaimed 2021 documentary, The Alpinist, currently available on Netflix. Michelle also appeared in the film. The podcast will be go live on Sunday, May 8, 2022.

This episode of Andrew Petty is Dying answers many of The Alpinist’s fans’ unanswered questions, and dives deeper into questions others may not have considered, including: What did the documentary leave out? How did Kuipers summon the wisdom and the courage to help Marc André discover and pursue such an audacious calling? What does it mean to “live like Marc-André?” How does Michelle live differently because of her son’s life and tragic death? And Kuiper’s account of Marc André’s first climbing experience will surprise you.

This exclusive conversation is also a paradigm-shifting masterclass in how to raise sovereign, empowered, and purposeful adults. If you enjoyed The Alpinist, you’ll love getting to know Marc-André even better through his mom’s eyes. And, you’ll be equipped with wisdom and insight for your own life from a remarkable woman.

Marc-André embodied the boldness, freedom, and purpose that we cultivate on Andrew Petty is Dying, so it was a natural fit and a true pleasure to dig deeper with Michelle.

Tune in on Sunday, May 8, at or wherever you like to listen to podcasts.

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