ROC SS23: The memories that make us

This season, Haglöfs’ ROC Series embarks on a new chapter within the world of climbing and mountaineering. In addition to news from their product line, Haglöfs is putting a spotlight on the supportive communities that can be found behind every impressive ascent.

“Something unique about climbing and mountaineering is that the idea of success goes a lot deeper than what you see on the surface,” said Victor Adler, Global Marketing Director at Haglöfs. “The conditions faced, the friendships tested, the emotional ups and downs and personal breakthroughs are what create lasting memories and keep people returning to the mountain.”

Make the most of your next climbing adventure

Besides offering more behind-the-scenes stories from its climbing ambassadors, Haglöfs will also continue to help climbers enjoy their adventures to the fullest this season with gear from their ROC Series. Each garment supplies exceptional protection from the elements while maximizing freedom of movement. As always, Haglöfs works closely with its climbing ambassadors during the design process to ensure products meet expectations.

“When you’re out in nature and exposed to tough weather conditions and performing at your limit, gear and clothing are of extreme importance,” said pro climber and Haglöfs ambassador Matilda Söderlund. “The clothes I used from the ROC ’23 collection when I was climbing Rayu in Pico de Europa National Park kept me warm and protected me from the wind and cold hundreds of meters up — yet provided me with full freedom to move. This was really helpful for my performance on the wall.”

To address the inevitable wear-and-tear that comes from moving across a rock face, this season’s ROC Series launch will include a repair kit that climbers can use to patch and mend their gear as needed in between adventures.

“Climbers wear their scars with pride, whether those are on their hands or gear,” said Annsofie Jakobsson, Head of Design at Haglöfs. “With our repair kit, we want to make it easier to extend the lifetime of gear and keep the memories alive.”

Haglöfs’ SS23 ROC Series collection will be available from April 2023 at haglö, as well as at Haglöfs brand stores and selected retailers worldwide. Follow Haglöfs’ journey on Instagram @haglofs.

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