Pertex launches new brand identity

Pertex, the creators of high-performance fabrics for outdoor apparel and equipment, launch a new brand identity and strategy.

The new Pertex identity draws from foundations as the experts in weaving lightweight fabrics from ultra-fine yarns. It combines technical elements of fabric construction with a heritage and ethos rooted in the outdoors.

The identity launches for Spring 2024 across all Pertex communications. It includes a completely redesigned on-product branding program which allows brand partners to clearly differentiate their product with premium, functional benefits.

A new consumer facing website features detailed information, graphics, and animations, underlining the innovation behind their fabrics and giving consumers insight into the unique performance advantages. It also invites users to explore the history, responsibility, and ethos of the brand to form deeper connections though shared values and perspectives.

“Pertex was born from the combination of creative ingenuity with deep technical knowledge. For 45 years we have been developing fabrics which equip people to experience the joy of the outdoors in all the elements,” said Andy Laycock, Brand Director.

“This new brand identity allows both us and our partners to effectively communicate the performance of Pertex fabrics and to tell the story of the brand. It provides a distinct and unique positioning for Pertex to thrive, even in today’s demanding environment,” Laycock added.

A campaign to introduce the identity will through April, across the brand’s digital channels, encouraging people to explore the branding through the new website.

Pertex has been weaving high-performance fabrics for outdoor people since 1979.

Our innovative products equip them for adventures both epic and everyday, enabling them to be out in the elements for longer and better.

Pertex fabrics are created out of ongoing partnerships and shaped by our concern for the wellbeing of the planet. We weave them in collaboration and with responsibility, to be rewoven over many lifetimes.

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