Isbjörn chooses Lignin Net Zero Bag for e-commerce

Premium and sustainable outdoor kidswear brand Isbjörn of Sweden has collaborated with Lignin Industries AB, as part of its ambitious sustainability pledge which includes bold Net Zero targets.

Isbjörn’s DNA has always been to make premium, fit-for-purpose and sustainable outerwear for children and teenagers and it was the first outdoor kids brand to become a bluesign® system partner. The company’s unwavering commitment to reducing emissions by at least 50% by 2033, with the aim to become a Net Zero company by 2045, is one step closer as it chooses Lignin Industries’ Net Zero bag for its e-commerce deliveries. The bag is based on forest residue and mixes Lignin Industries’ material RENOL® with recycled plastics to reach a carbon footprint of -0.2 CO2 per 1 kg bag.

Fredrik Malmfors, CEO, Lignin Industries AB, said: “Like us, Isbjörn is passionate about reducing its climate impact on the planet. Our endeavour to replace fossil plastics with biobased alternatives, aligns perfectly with Isbjörn’s ongoing journey to be as sustainable as possible. By using our carbon neutral bag for e-commerce deliveries it brings the company closer to achieving its Net Zero targets and those marginal gains can make all the difference.”

Lignin Industries’ technology converts the forest material lignin into biobased plastic, a renewable material called RENOL®, that can be blended with recycled plastic and used to make its low carbon e-commerce bags, which are fully recyclable with no compromise on the performance of a regular plastic bag.

Maria Frykman, Founder and CEO, Isbjörn of Sweden, said: “Our team is excited to enter into this likeminded cooperation with Lignin Industries. We can now provide our consumers with a Net Zero bag that protects our products, but without any negative climate impact. The brown bag has a very natural feel and complements it sustainable credentials perfectly.

 “As I see it, this is only the beginning of our partnership with Lignin Industries, as we strive to replace every polybag with a variant of this net zero technology product. We are continuously looking to improve all aspects of our operations to reduce carbon emissions and deliver our bold climate goals, in accordance with the UN’s Paris Agreement which aims for 1.5 degrees by 2050.”

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