Páramo protects its legacy of durable and repairable garments

For 30 years, Páramo has engineered waterproofs that do not become obsolete. The garments are easily repaired and their waterproofing can be indefinitely renewed. To ensure the promise of durability and recyclability for the future, Nick Brown has sold Páramo Directional Clothing to the people that know it best – its employees.

Durability by design

30 years ago, outdoor entrepreneur, Nick Brown, set up Páramo Directional Clothing, with a vision to provide high performance outdoor garments that would last a lifetime. The goal was to create waterproof clothing designed to be renewed, repaired and recycled.

Renewing Páramo garments is easy at home in a washing machine; Nikwax® waterproofing aftercare cleans and re-waterproofs, thereby preserving performance year after year. However, accidents do happen and wear and tear shortens a garment’s life, so Páramo set up a repair workshop 25 years ago and services 4000 garments a year. Optimum use of each garment is ensured through a trade-in and re-sale second-life system. When they are beyond repair and cleaning, old unwanted garments are sent to be recycled into new polyester, ensuring nothing goes to landfill as waste.

How Páramo is ensuring continuity of its business by becoming an Employee Owned Trust

Nick Brown has now reached retirement age so Páramo needed a solution to provide a safe route to succession. Four years ago, Páramo embarked upon the process of converting to an Employee Owned Trust (EOT), with the aim of maintaining continuity of values and staff, and future development. As of today. February 1st 2022, the process completed and the company was purchased by the workforce, represented by the Trust.

Nick Brown, says,

“By passing on the business to the employees, now partners, I feel that I am not only looking after them, but also looking after our loyal customers. Páramo users have huge affection for the brand and for their clothing, and I want this to continue. What we started 30 years ago, and was radical, is now the new goal for manufacturers the world over.”

One percent for the planet and for people

One percent of Páramo’s yearly turnover will be donated to social and environmental initiatives, where a real impact can be achieved. In doing this, the brand will show the world that ethical companies can succeed and make a difference.

Maite Angleys, Sustainability Director for Páramo, said, “1% for people and planet is about giving back. Páramo has been here for 30 years and it will still be here in another 30, which is why we want to do our best to protect the great outdoors for generations to come. To ensure continuity, Nick and his family will be involved in choosing the social and environmental projects and organisations we support, giving us the chance to preserve our founding values into the future.”

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