New adventure sports platform Adventuro makes booking activities easy

Over three million people in England alone regularly participate in adventure sports, double the number participating in football. Now there’s a marketplacefor people new to adventure sports as well as experienced enthusiasts looking to sharpen their skills. Adventuro guides customers with innovative learning journeys, assessing their skill level, and connecting them with knowledgeable instructors at high-quality courses and centres. Adventuro makes life exciting.

The sports available on Adventuro include scuba diving, mountain biking, kayaking, paddleboarding, kitesurfing, surfing, wing foiling and skydiving, with more being added every week. Customers can search by sport, experience level, and location, allowing them to easily find the right course or lesson. It promises a hassle-free experience and unparalleled information on the best locations, techniques, and equipment providers.

The team behind Adventuro has experienced first-hand the struggles of finding quality courses, skilled instructors, and reliable equipment rental. This drove them to make adventure sports accessible. Adventuro was born.

“Adventuro is designed to inspire adventure and increase the take up of exciting sports,” said, Founder and Chief Adventurer, Max Hayward. “It’s a complete ecosystem for adventure sports, a place where users can start their journey, develop their skills, meet like-minded individuals, and contribute to conserving the environment.”

For adventure sports centres, Adventuro offers a unique opportunity to advertise their products and reach a broad range of loyal customers. With Adventuro, they can focus more on the things they do best – providing quality experiences – and less on time-consuming marketing and booking administration.

The launch of Adventuro is a leap forward in making adventure sports more accessible and enjoyable. By taking the complexity out of the process, Adventuro invites everyone to get involved. For those businesses who run adventure sports courses and rental, the team would love to hear from you.

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