Montane athlete Abbie Robinson wins fourth Paraclimbing World Championship 

British paraclimber and Montane athlete, Abbie Robinson, has won her fourth world title at the IFSC Paraclimbing World Championships in the B2 visual impairment category in Bern, Switzerland.

On her win, Abbie said: “It’s been a great week here in Bern for the World Championships and GB have absolutely smashed it!

“I came into the finals feeling confident, being the only athlete to top both qualification routes. I’ve worked really hard on my self-talk this season, which definitely helped to give me the belief I could top the finals route too. In isolation, I spent time visualising the crux moves, visualising hyping up the crowd, topping out and celebrating so I felt confident in my ability to execute when I came out to climb.”

Abbie added: “The final climb panned out almost exactly as I had imagined. Typically, the blind athletes climb in absolute silence (you can hear a pin drop!), but I thrive off the energy from the crowd and hearing the audience erupt when I waved at them to cheer was an insane feeling! The perfect way to top off my season!”

Having grown up an active, adventurous person, Abbie started indoor climbing when she was 13 at her local climbing wall in Sunderland. At 17, she was diagnosed with Stargardt Macular Dystrophy and registered legally blind. It was then that she was introduced to the world of paraclimbing.

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