Isbjörn of Sweden founder and CEO Maria Frykman has been appointed New chairman of SOG (Scandinavian Outdoor Group).

Maria will take over from David Ekelund, CEO Icebug AB, who has held the position since 2013 and is now moving to a role within the EOG (European Outdoor Group).

Maria will bring renewed energy and experience to the group, to continue to drive SOG’s commitment to matters such as sustainability and digitalization. With more than 15 years’ experience in the outdoor industry, founding and building Sweden’s famous high performance and sustainable children’s clothing brand Isbjörn, Maria is looking forward to making a difference and to the challenges ahead.

Maria Frykman, Chairman, SOG, said: “David, the SOG team and Board have done an incredible job of developing this successful group of more than 70 passionate Nordic outdoor brands. It is a great honour for me to take over the reins as chair, as we work together to do our best for both people and nature. The pandemic has forcibly changed the market arena for both brands and retailers and as an organisation we must be agile and adapt accordingly. This way we can support all members to be a relevant hub of competence – supporting projects, networking and inspiring each other to innovate. Together we are stronger.”

Maria recently attended SOG’s annual meeting, where all SOG members voted for a Climate Commitment to align their environmental goals to the UN 2050 pledge. Maria said: “SOG’s Climate Commitment is an important step forward to support all members in achieving positive change. By aligning our work with this global standard and having a clearly pre-defined structure, we are making sustainability work within the group more transparent, measurable and coherent.”

David Nordlund, Secretary General, SOG, said: “Maria’s drive, passion and commitment to the outdoor industry, especially the area of sustainability, will bring a renewed impetus to SOG and its members. I’m looking forward to working closely with Maria and the rest of our excellent team to make a positive difference in Scandinavia and across Europe.”

Maria Frykman as Chairman will support the organization from her location in Stockholm, Sweden. David Nordlund as Secretary General is located in Åre, Sweden and SOG headquarters will remain the same, in the heart of the mountains.

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