Gritstone Circuiteering Volume 2 from Future Primitive Publishing

This is an attractive little tome by Saul Taylor, of Future Primitive Publishing. It’s 128 pages, wirebound, with details of 10 circuits in the Peak District varying in length and complexity, but all taking place almost entirely on gritstone (apart from Rheinstor, and you can just run past that one if you like). 

The book includes maps (1:40,000 from Harvey Maps), directions, route details, some lovely topo photographs and plenty of shoot-from-the-hip commentary on what to expect – sample, re Kinder Scout: “You will fall over, sheep will laugh at you, walkers will recoil in horror at the blood running down your shins…”

But in spite of the warnings about potential embarrassment and injury, this little book certainly does a good job of inspiring your next running/climbing adventure. We really liked the fact that the beautiful photos don’t include any impossibly well-equipped action men in them ( a conscious decision by the author) – we agree that having just the scenery to admire makes it easier to place oneself on the route. There are no hard and fast rules or sanctimonious nagging either – just suggestions, sensible advice and helpful tips on things like parking.

We also really like that the book has space for your own notes and observations along the routes – as you use it it will become both your own personal route guide, and memoir of your adventures.

Perfect gift for anyone into circuiteering, or a great way to make a start on planning your own visit to the Peak District.

Available in the full-sized standard paper version with all 10 circuits, and on weather-resistant paper for the first 9 rounds from:

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