Gear Test : Sidas Run Ultra Socks

Sidas, the well known Footwear accessory & insole manufacturer, also have a huge range of socks. Sidas have insole, sock and accessory products for markets such as SnowSports, Running, Cycling, Outdoor and Lifestyle.

Recently the team at Sidas UK sent us a few Running socks to try out, so we gave them a good wear, wash, wear again test to see how they stack up.

Sidas Ultra Run Socks
Ultra Socks straight from the packaging

SIDAS Run Ultra Socks

First impressions are that there isn’t much to these in terms of weight and padding. I knew immediately these would be a bit tougher to get on my feet. However, they are an Ultra sock so they need to fit perfectly.

The Run Ultra socks from Sidas are essentially their long distance running socks that give the most foot support of all the socks in the Sidas Run range. The cushioning level is quite low, which means they are for the more regular runner. If you don’t run often you may find the ‘Feel’ and ‘Comfort’ socks in the Sidas range are more for you.

CAUTION: The socks are very tight fitting. If you feel uncomfortable in such socks, we advise you to take the size above yours.

The caution from Sidas’ site suggests that these are certainly going to fit tighter than your average sock.

While, yes, these are a bit tighter to put on, they feel incredible once you have them on. I can feel the extra support around my feet, which is designed to help reduce fatigue and prevent blisters.

Ultra Run Socks by Sidas
Tight fit, but feel extremely supportive on my feet.

Time for a quick run…

Personally, I usually prefer a little more cushioning in my socks. However, other than the first few steps I didn’t notice because I was more drawn to how well the sock was holding my foot and how I had a little bit of extra space in the toes of my shoes as the socks were thinner. I ran just over 6km in trail shoes across varied terrain.

I found the socks excellent and well worth the additional seconds to put on versus many of my other socks. They managed the moisture very well and kept my feet from getting tired as quickly. Maybe a slight placebo effect, but the rebound it feels like you get from the tight fit almost added an extra spring to my stride.

Wash, Wear, Wash…

As per some of the other Sidas socks I’ve tested, these wash very well and come out just like new. Washed at 30 degrees with detergent and fabric softener. There was no noticeable difference in the material, the fit or the wear ability. This is a great sign, especially on a technical sock that costs more than your average Run sock. In fact, these felt slightly easier to get on after washing, but just as supportive.

The Verdict…

If you are interested in high performance socks that fit tightly then these must be on your kit list. If you prefer longer runs and need a sock to reduce fatigue you are in the right place.

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For UK stockist information visit SIDAS UK

Review by JC

Sidas Ultra Run Socks
The arch brace really holds the sock close to your skin to maximise fit and moisture transfer.

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