Extremities Touchscreen warm gloves

Over the years I have used a few gloves that claim to be both warm and touchscreen, much to my frustration they always let me down.

They are either warm but I can never use them with a touch screen device or it’s the other way around, they work fine to open and use with my phone but I get very cold hands!

I am pleased to say that Extremities Touchscreen warm gloves tick all the boxes. The fit was perfect, not too bulky and I could still adjust buckles on my pack, tie my boot laces and get my phone out of my pocket. 

The weather started off cold first thing in the morning and I was grateful to have these gloves with me. They were also light weight and not bulky to carry when the sun came out. I have had these gloves for a few months, the weather has meant they have not been used much, but the quality feels great.


The touchscreen function, well as I said, after many years of buying both cheap and very expensive touch screen gloves and being let down I was not holding out much hope. I was proved wrong, these worked perfectly

I used them to open my phone and take a few pictures, open a few apps and use the navigation app with no issues at all

It was like not having a glove on!

These gloves would be perfect out on the hill, skiing (as an inner glove) or for everyday use where you want to keep warm and use a touch screen device, you don’t have to compromise anymore! 

I can’t wait to get out in some cold weather, get some great pics and still have warm hands!


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