Craft Pro Endur Distance

Georgina Clark puts the new Craft Pro Endur Distance running shoes through their paces.

Craft recently sent me some trainers and clothing to review. Firstly, I wanted to focus on the trainers as I’m a keen ‘everyday’ runner, and really appreciate a good shoe!

On first appearance, I love the over-all look of the Craft Pro Endur Distance Trainers. In my opinion, it definitely has rack appeal. Its simplicity Oozes style. If you closely examine the specially designed holed/patterned material that wraps around the shoe – it’s also very clear that it’s pretty breathable too. A very important factor to any shoe you want to push to its limits.

I actually can’t believe how light the shoe is. On first lift, it was like lifting a box of feathers! This is down to many factors, one being the foamed, pillowed midsole. The full PX Foam midsole is designed for optimum stack height for explosive toe off and feather-soft landing. I can confirm this 100% is the case. The super soft landings equated to a more efficient stride, and the ability to run for a longer duration of time.

I found Craft’s Pro Endurance trainers fun, bouncy and comfortable with enough hold and support to ensure for a great run!

Let me know your thoughts on my video, and I look forward to reviewing more products for you soon!


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