Casio to release new BABY-G for fun outdoor adventure

Casio has announced new additions to the BABY-G line of shock-resistant watches for women.

Casio will gradually roll out a total of six BGA-310 and BGA-310C watches designed and coloured for outdoor fashion.

All the new watches are shock-resistant and designed for active women. They feature a fun and familiar round case and incorporate four outsized index markings that glow in the dark to suit outdoor styles. Available in an array of colours inspired by outdoor fashions — matte coral pink, cotton beige, navy, pale blue, white, and black — they coordinate well with diverse fashion choices. In total, six colour variations are available.

BGA-310 and BGA-310C

Evoking the pops of colour used for fasteners and pockets on outdoor wear, a glimpse of the interior colour through the slits on the side of the bezel adds a playful touch.

All three BGA-310C models feature a cloth band in eco-friendly fabric made from recycled plastic bottles. In addition, both models offer a wider range of motion at the lug where the band connects for an even better, more comfortable fit.


All six watches are equipped with a high-intensity double LED light that illuminates both the LCD and dial for an easy read even in dark locations. In addition to the large, easy-access light button under the 6 o’clock position, the auto-light function also allows hands-free use. When the function is set, just a tilt of the wrist lights the watch, a feature campers and other outdoor adventurers are sure to appreciate when both hands are occupied.

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