dryrobe joins the Ocean Sheroes on their extraordinary mission

dryrobe, the world’s first and most versatile change robe, have announced their partnership with the Ocean Sheroes, a truly inspirational ocean rowing team of four women who will be embarking on one of the toughest endurance challenges on earth, rowing 3,600 miles across the Indian Ocean in April 2025.

If successful, the Ocean Sheroes will set a world record as the fastest all-female crew to do so. 

In July 2021, the Ocean Sheroes smashed the Guinness Book of World Record for the fastest all-female four to row the 2,700 miles, Mid-Pacific route East to West (Open Class) from San Francisco to Hawaii in a time of 35 days, 14 hours and 32 minutes. They also became the first all-British four to complete the Great Pacific Race. 

Only 10 women have ever successfully rowed across the Indian Ocean from Australia to Mauritius so this will inevitably push them to their limits both physically and mentally as they row two hours on two hours off, 24/7 for around 60 days. The current women’s record is 78 days. To put this in perspective, over 6,000 people have climbed Mt Everest, 1,702 have wintered in the South Pole and 676 people have been to space. 

For Purusha Gordon, Skipper and Mum of two boys Harry (11) and Alfie (10) this will be so much more than just a record attempt. “To cross an ocean by human power alone in waters never chartered before, at the mercy of Mother Nature, is an exceptional challenge which will push us to our limits. It is the most incredible adventure in which our experiences, stories and learnings will be shared to help shape us and others for the better. We are excited to have dryrobe on board, not only to support us with essential kit but to join our mission to help inspire others, to connect with each other and benefit from the power of the great outdoors.” 

This extraordinary mission will aim to raise funds for the Wild + Brave Foundation, founded by Purusha Gordon and Lucinda Brown, which is changing lives by improving mental fitness through memorable outdoor challenges and experiences. The first initiatives will fund bursary places to the Ocean Sheroes scholarship programme, offering a once in a lifetime opportunity to 18-50 year old females who would never ordinarily have had the chance to row across an ocean. In 2024 Wild + Brave Foundation will deliver their flagship education programme to a number of schools through the UK & Australia focusing on mental fitness and the health of our planet. 

On the partnership, dryrobe Founder and CEO, Gideon Bright said: “We’re proud to support the Ocean Sheroes Team as they take on this truly monumental endurance challenge! As a brand, we are passionate about helping people push the boundaries of what is possible, and supporting them with products that’ll keep them warm and dry throughout their adventures.

“At dryrobe, we believe that outdoor adventures should be accessible to everyone, and it’s great that the funds raised from this expedition for the Wild + Brave Foundation will be used to give women the opportunity to take on incredible challenges that they ordinarily wouldn’t have been able to.”

Header image: Credit: @greatpacificrace

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