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and Social and the Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) have joined together to implement the first certification scheme for outdoor retail staff in the UK.

and social working with the Institute of Outdoor Learning (IOL) have now made the first step in an educational path to guide specialism through specific modules covering outdoor categories.”

The ‘Introduction to Outdoor Retail Certificate’ will qualify an understanding of 12 topics:

1. Footwear systems (Footwear types, Orthotics, Socks and laces, boot bags and aftercare)

2. Layering (The principle and the 7 layers considered)

3. Pack systems (Fitting, rain covers etc)

4. Tent systems (Pole structures, materials and pitching)

5. Sleep systems (sleeping bags, matts, liners, materials)

6. Cooking systems (fuels, type, nutrition etc.)

7. Hydration systems

8. Navigation (map reading, Compass use)

9. Safety/First Aid inclusive Adventure Smart)

10. Lighting systems (Lanterns, Torches, Headlights)

11. Allyship with OUTO and TNF

12. After care

Adam Renshaw, Founder of and Social: said: “Improving the level of education through training in the outdoor industry is something we at and Social are committed to. Bringing together the OIA and IO.”

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