Review of Halti’s Huippu Plus-Size Down Jacket

By Jade Fothergill Communications Director Hargreaves Esq

How refreshing!

As an active, plus-size woman, I have long been frustrated by the outdoor market’s seeming inability to cater to my needs. Walking, hiking, orienteering, camping and swimming are a part of my life, and many of the most active women I know are similar to me – energetic, outdoorsy, and yes, plus-size, so somehow seemingly invisible to the very brands that should be making money from us!

I was therefore delighted to try the Halti Huippu down jacket in my size recently! The first thing you will notice is that this really is a super lightweight jacket, that could easily be rolled up and packed in a rucksack or suitcase, without adding significant weight or bulk. It feels almost weightless to pick up, so super portable, and similarly light and unbulky when worn. For someone like me, who hates to feel ‘bundled up’ in heavy layers, that’s a godsend. It also means the jacket can take you through year-round use. Ideal as a cover up during spring and autumn when you need some warmth, but also lends itself perfectly to going under a shell jacket or even a big hoodie as an extra mid-layer.

It’s made from responsibly sourced, recycled down, collected from post consumer blankets and cushions, and the outer fabric is 100% recycled too. The material is called Pertex® Quantum Recy and it has excellent eco-friendly credentials! It’s windproof and water-resistant, so getting caught in a sudden shower won’t be a problem, and it feels really durable too – when I wore it out for a woodland hike, I wasn’t worried about snagging or ripping it the way I have been in the past with lightweight jackets. The Huippu can withstand a few scrapes and pokes from wayward twigs!

I opted, of course, for my standard black, but I must admit, even I am tempted by the other colour option – a really pretty coral, which manages to be feminine but not too girly. There’s generous, zipped pockets (another feature brands don’t seem to realise are important to women!) and a substantial hood, plus elasticated cuffs – so no rain drops running up your sleeve! – and an adjustable hem which means it sits nicely on the hips.

All in all, this jacket is a superb option for plus-size women who like to be in the great outdoors, but it’s also super handy as a great cover-up when simply running to the shops, because it’s so light and warm. It’s claimed a place hanging in my hallway, that’s for sure!

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