KEEN, Inc. (KEEN), the global footwear brand on a mission to make the outside inclusive and accessible to all, proudly present the Howser Harvest Collection. Further to the introduction of the brands’ Harvest Certified Programme – a tiered scheme that endeavours to reduce industrial waste by upcycling it into shoes – this is the brands first Gold Standard certified product, indicating that over 50% of the shoe is made from recycled materials.

With two models in the collection – the Howser Harvest slip on (£75, for men and women) – and Howser Harvest Sandal (£90) – both styles feature uppers manufactured from upcycled car seats (80% of the upper), created in partnership with a world class tannery located near their Thailand factory, efficiently harvesting what would have been waste and upcycling it into footwear.

KEEN only work with tanneries that have achieved a Gold Certified rating by the Leather Working Group. This rating has only been achieved by about 5% of the world’s tanneries, and signals that they employ a closed-loop, zero liquid waste discharge system that dramatically reduces water consumption and eliminates groundwater pollution.

In addition to their upcycled leather uppers, both Harvest models feature breathable mesh

linings ideal for active use and a chemical-free Eco Anti-Odor treatment that uses only natural materials to break down odour in sweat, eliminating pesticides and biocides from going into the environment. With a casual aesthetic ideal for spring wanderings, a springy insole with arch support gives incredible underfoot comfort. Both models feature a non- marking rubber outsole and are designed with KEEN’s iconic original fit with generous space in the forefoot for incredible out of the box comfort. Choose from the slip on edition with easy on/off fit or the Howser Harvest sandal edition which also features a recycled plastic lace lock bungee system for a quick and secure fit.

The launch follows the introduction of the KEEN Harvest Certified Programme, a tiered programme launched by the brand in 2021 and designed to reduce industrial waste by upcycling it into shoes. Specifically, the KEEN Harvest Certification Program features three levels of certification: Gold (greater than 50% upcycled materials); Silver(greater than 25%); and Bronze (greater than 10%). The ratings provide transparency to the percentage of waste upcycled into shoes. Part of their Detox the Planet initiative, providing transparency into how much industrial waste is upcycled into its shoes, the goal is to relieve pressure on global landfills and minimise the use of virgin materials and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

KEEN first launched their first collection of Harvest products 15 years ago using industrial waste from the rice industry. Harvest is about upcycling industrial waste that would otherwise go to landfills, instead creating something new and useful, while lowering the demand for new material in the production process.

The KEEN Harvest collection and Harvest Certified Scheme is part of the brands’ wider Detox the Planet Initiative, established in 2012 to take proactive action to identify and remove harmful chemicals in its supply chain and replace them with safe and effective alternatives. In October 2021 KEEN were awarded the Good Housekeeping 2021 Sustainability Innovation Award for Detox the Planet initiative that keeps perfluorochemicals (PFCs) and per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) out of its footwear.

Other models in KEEN’s Harvest collection for SS22 include their Field to Foot sneaker collection, comprising the Elsa V for women and men’s Eldon Sneakers which use plant based agricultural waste including husks, leaves and stems to replaces 51% of the petrochemicals in the outsole and 35% in the midsole. With Field to Foot (F2F) Technology, KEEN is providing measurable solutions to engineer footwear that is less damaging to the environment. F2F, using advanced polyurethane sustainable technologies, is the most significant environmental technology launch in KEEN’s history. Partnering with Huntsman Polyurethane, a world renowned innovation company, in the development and testing of the plant based compounds in the shoes, not only does F2F Technology utilise waste from the agricultural industry, it offsets the use of petrochemicals, while eliminating the use of chemical solvents.

To learn more about the brand and their values, visit www.keenfootwear.com/the-keen- effect.html

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