Fjallraven publishes its 2023 CSR Report

What worked, what didn't and what's next

As an outdoor company, Fjällräven is acutely aware of its environmental footprint. Even small decisions about one product can have a major impact on the natural world it cares so much about.

Though Fjällräven’s parent company Fenix Outdoor reports annually on CSR, Fjällräven believes transparent communication about sustainability and other CSR topics, that everyone can learn from and enjoy, is the way forward. Plus, with more people committed to minimising their own impact on nature, it’s more important than ever for Fjällräven to share what it has managed to achieve in the past year…and how far it has left to go. Now, Fjällräven’s 2023 summary of sustainability and CSR facts, figures, milestones and challenges is available to the public.

Read the full sustainability and CSR summary here

2023 highlights

73% preferred fibre use vs. 63% in 2022

100% renewable electricity in owned and operated locations

89% preferred wool vs. 82% in 2022

97% organic cotton vs. 96% in 2022

18,000 items repaired globally vs. approx. 5,000 in 2021

Where Fjällräven needs to do better

It is equally important to share the goals yet to be achieved and the opportunities for improvement. The 2023 sustainability and CSR summary also provides this information, including the need to decrease the CO2 intensity of product production and increase the use of recycled polyester.

Sustainability is a collaboration

Durability is a longstanding Fjällräven value, because it is an alternative to high-paced consumption. When gear is used often for a long time, it is seldom replaced with new products, can be passed onto the next generation or resold second-hand.

Ensuring outdoor clothing and equipment lasts however, is a collaboration between Fjällräven and the user. On one hand, Fjällräven promises to continue working hard to make durable gear that is long lasting, while always striving for a lower environmental impact. On the other, it asks people to use its outdoor clothing and equipment for season after season, caring for it and not replacing it with new stuff. As CEO Martin Axelhed says, “We are in this together.”

Watch “The Deal” with Martin Axelhed

Now it is your turn! Prepare your gear for the summer season

 Another season of outdoor adventures is here and there are many ways users can ensure their clothing and equipment is in top condition. Fjällräven gear is made with the intent that it lasts for a long time, but practicing proper care at home is vital to maintaining its functionality long term. As is repair when wear and tear happen. To repair their gear, users can take advantage of Fjällräven’s in-store repair services, or do easy repairs on their own with instruction from the company’s many guides and how-to videos.  

Top three ways to care for gear at home

1. Wash gear according to the instructions only when necessary. Spot clean as much as needed.

2. Regularly ‘re-proof’ your shell garments to maintain their weatherproof functionality.

3. Store gear that’s not in use correctly: clean and in a dry, well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight and heat. 

Fix your gear here!

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