The Finisterre Foundation present Into The Sea: The Seasuit Project

Almost a decade in the making after an initial idea sparked by a pioneering overseas surf trip, the Finisterre Foundation (CIC) are proud to support the launch of the Seasuit Project this May.

Helping fund the release of a full coverage Seasuit and Hijab made from recycled sea waste and establishing a ‘buy one, gift one’ purchase model. Where each product purchase will coincide with a product donation to (and by) the foundation, with donated products sent to successful applicants and charity partners to allow new communities to begin their own relationship with water.

A life-long surfer and marine social scientist, Finisterre Ambassador Easkey Britton was the first person to surf in Baluchistan, situated in south-east Iran. An area that she’d later return to, not as a tourist, but as a surf teacher and gender role model where (due to the country’s strict laws on women covering up) she found herself in full wetsuit, boardshorts, rash vest and hijab, to ensure her head was covered.

As most surfers would understand, the required clothing was extremely restrictive, making it difficult to wear in the water. So, although she had found waves, and plenty of interest from local women, Easkey realised that if surfing were ever to take off for the women in conservative countries, one of the main barriers to participation was having the right clothing to enable them to access the sea, whilst still wearing culturally appropriate gear.

Having worked with both local and global communities to create and test the first prototypes, thanks to the Finisterre Foundation the Seasuit is now in full production, ready for launch this May.

Evolving from its origins as a surfwear solution into something that can help many kinds of women, with various needs, to access the water. Whether their barrier is cultural, medical or personal, the goal is the same as it ever was; providing greater access to the sea for women.

“From day one, this has been about a collaboration between women, to take what they love to do – surfing – and make it easier for more women to do,” said Easkey Britton, Finisterre Ambassador.

Designed by women, for women, to share their love of water. The ‘Into the Sea’ range, comprising the Seasuit (RRP £140) and accompanying Hijab (RRP £40) will be available for purchase online, exclusively via Both products are made from Seaqual, recycled sea waste fabrics that feature a distorting pattern – cut to provide unrestricted movement whilst also ensuring safe and secure full-body coverage. Both rated SPF 50+ for maximum UV Protection.

The Finisterre Foundation will also be supporting the launch of the Into the Sea range courtesy of a ‘buy one, gift one’ purchase model. Each product purchase will coincide with a product donation to (and by) the foundation, with donated products sent to successful applicants and charity partners. This includes non-profit organisations such as Reclaim The Sea, which aims to support people with ocean trauma and to reimagine the ocean as a safe space for everyone. Finisterre will donate eight swimsuits to their first project – teaching eight refugee women to swim and surf in Devon – knowing just how valuable this can be as a tool for healing and mental wellbeing.

Finisterre will be marking the launch by hosting a Seasuit Surf & Celebration event on June 7 at The Wave in Bristol.

Attendees will be gifted a Seasuit to wear on the day – which will then be theirs to keep. Participants will join an instructed surf session to try out their new Seasuit, join in celebration with other women on the day for a lunch and speaker led workshop, and get to meet those people who have helped inspire, design, and bring the first Seasuit to fruition.

A brand-led content campaign will also launch alongside the release, championing equal access to the ocean for everyone starring Amira Patel (@amira_thewanderlust) the founder of Wanderlust Women, an adventure group that encourages the discovery of nature, amongst muslim women in particular. Winnie Poaty (@winniepoaty) a Lake District based open water swimmer, advocate for mental wellness, self-love, and diversity in the outdoors and Shirin Gerami (@shiringeramitri). Shirin was fundamental in helping Finisterre understand the cultural, functional and performance requirements of the seasuit during its initial design stages.

“The Seasuit has everything. It has all the functions to be in the water, but at the same time it was really modest. To have them both together made me feel really confident in the water,” said Amira Patel.

To find out more about the Finisterre foundation, donate funds and apply for a Seasuit donation, please visit:

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