Scandinavian Outdoor Award won by Bergans of Norway

The international jury of outdoor journalists and outdoor gear specialists have agreed on the winners of Scandinavian Outdoor Award Fall/winter 24/25.

The Y LightLine Weightless Down Jacket Hood from Bergans of Norway is more than just a jacket; it’s a commitment to excellence in mountaineering. Tailored for the conscious adventurer unwilling to compromise on warmth, weight, or packability.

Perfect for brisk mountain runs, ski tours, or alpine exploration, this jacket is designed to match your ambitions while embodying sustainability at its core. Weighing only 280 grams. The prestigious Sustainability Award is given to Icebug + Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Sourcing Collaboration. Icebug is a role model for anyone wanting to implement market-wide sustainable change.

In total, five products were awarded:

OVERALL WINNER: Bergans of Norway / Y LightLine Weightless Down Jacket Hood

SUSTAINABILITY: Icebug / Icebug + Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Sourcing Collaboration

INNOVATION: UphillSport / REPO Trekking 4-layer Drytech M4

LIFESTYLE: Aclima / ReBorn Lumber Jacket

TRUE SCANDINAVIAN: MINI A TURE / Wisti Fleece Lined Snowsuit


Bergans of Norway / Y LightLine Weightless Down Jacket Hood

This winner was a no brainer. The piece impressed the jury by hitting all the criteria that the Scandinavian Outdoor Awards expect from the top prize. To start, the impressive warmth to weight ratio is better than any down jacket the jury has seen before—it proved cozy enough for several testers to wear with nothing but a base layer underneath on a big snowshoe hike. All the details—from hood to zipper—proved functional. The wide baffles on this packable insulator give plenty of space for the down to create heat-holding loft without bulk. And from a sustainability standpoint, Bergans stands out for both the materials in this jacket and in its commitments company-wide.

UphillSport / REPO Trekking 4-layer Drytech M4

All too often we take socks for granted, but these winners kept our jury talking for hours. To sum up: If your feet are always cold, they will keep them warm. The key is the innovative blend of materials—Tencel, polypropylene, polyamide, and Lycra—that bolster temperature-managing merino wool. The entire jury wore these socks, working hard out in the snow and they kept feet comfortable, dry, and, most importantly, toasty, providing a model for other sock manufacturers to emulate.


Aclima / ReBorn Lumber Jacket

This versatile shacket brings outdoor style and performance to any occasion, expanding the reach of what technically minded brands can offer no matter if it’s for the office, camping, or enjoying a beverage with friends. Every member of the jury, no matter their gender, wanted to wear this one and not pass it on. The recycled wool and Polyamide material made from production waste felt soft and comfortable, acclimatized to everything from chopping wood to walking with the dog, and was lighter than it looked. Here, Aclima continues its quest to turn waste materials into high-value, attractive, and long-lived products.

Icebug / Icebug + Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Sourcing Collaboration

With a unique approach to a serious sustainability problem, this collaboration goes beyond a single company ethos and helps the entire industry to create necessary change. The use of raw fossil materials in footwear outsoles is disturbingly high, but, through this initiative, Icebug aims to increase the use of natural rubber—without increasing deforestation, encouraging land-grabbing, or posing risks to biodiversity. By collaborating with other shoe manufacturers, the brand could increase its buying-power leverage a thousand times and present strong incentives for FSC certification, which will, in turn, create a high volume of FSC-labelled natural rubber on the market. Icebug is a role model for anyone wanting to implement market-wide sustainable change.


MINI A TURE / Wisti Fleece Lined Snowsuit

The winner of this award needed to showcase a core aspect of Scandinavian culture and one thing the Nordic countries do particularly well is get the whole family out in nature. With zippers down each side, it’s easy to get a baby in and out of this cozy snowsuit that’s lined with teddy fleece and washable material near the bottom, encouraging a family to continue to enjoy outdoor pursuits. With an impressive 10-year warranty, re-sale service, space for many current owner names, and messaging about its sustainability features printed inside, it will bring Scandinavian-style warmth and adventure to numerous families before its end of life.

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