Merrell launches Walk & Talk hotline for Great Outdoors Month

Merrell, the leading hike and lifestyle brand, today launched a “Walk & Talk” hotline, where consumers can dial a toll-free number* to speak with a live outdoor representative that will accompany them for a walk.

Throughout Great Outdoors Month (June), consumers can dial (844) WALKTLK or (844) 925-5855 to get connected to one of Merrell’s outdoor reps from Monday through Friday, 11:am to 7pm Eastern Daylight Time, EDT.

Created in honor of Great Outdoors Month (June) and true to its mission of sharing the simple power of being outside with everyone, Merrell introduced the Walk & Talk hotline as a fun and engaging way for all individuals to confidently explore the outdoors with a companion. These live representatives are readily available to help motivate, guide and/or support callers on their journey to deepening their relationship with nature, no matter where they are or how far they go.

Research shows that a short 15-minute walk outside can significantly increase your health and overall wellbeing, but we also know some barriers come in the way of stepping outside including lack of companionship, lack of time or lack of energy,” said Jenny Bernsteen, brand equity marketing manager at Merrell. “As a brand, we’re committed to making the outdoors welcoming, approachable, and inclusive to all – from the extreme outdoor enthusiast to the suburbanite. Our goal with the Walk & Talk hotline is to provide a way that makes spending more time outdoors easier so more can see how the outdoors makes them happier, healthier, and more fulfilled.”

Based on a recent independent consumer survey conducted by Merrell, 62% of survey respondents stated that walking is their most favorite activity to do outdoors. However, one in ten are not aware of the many mental and physical benefits of the outdoors. Physical activity such as walking boosts brain function, and there has been accumulating evidence showing that socializing is good for brain health. The combination – going on a walk while talking to someone – is a great way to keep your brain healthy in the short and long term.

Merrell’s Walk & Talk hotline is simple to use and navigate:

1.Dial the toll-free number (844) WALKTLK or (844) 925-5855
2.Once connected to a Merrell outdoor rep, consumers will be prompted with different options to choose from while out on their walk:
Dial 1 for a guided meditation on walking mindfully Dial 2 to hear a dad joke—Outdoor Edition Dial 3 for a painstakingly detailed tutorial on how to properly apply sunscreen Dial 4 for a little outdoor motivation to brighten your walk Dial 5 for to be transported to Aspen
3.Enjoy your walk!

Those who participate in calling Merrell’s Walk & Talk hotline will receive a 15% discount off their next order at Participants are also encouraged to share their walk on social media with the hashtags #GreaterOutdoors and #WALKTLK.

For more information on Merrell’s Great Outdoors Month campaign, please visit or follow Merrell on social @merrell.

*Toll-free number available only in the U.S. and Canada.
**The online survey of 1,000 nationally representative Americans was conducted in May 2022 via Pollfish on behalf of Merrell.

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