Mammut completes their management with new appointees

The Swiss outdoor company Mammut Sports Group AG (“Mammut”) appoints Nic Brandenberger as the new Chief Marketing Officer, effective January 1st, 2023. With Michael Rammelsberger as the new Chief Supply Chain Officer, the Mammut management team around Heiko Schäfer is now complete.

Nic Brandenberger will start his position as Mammut`s new Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) on January 1st, 2023. Brandenberger has many years of experience in omnichannel marketing, strategic brand development, and digitalization. Over 18 years, Brandenberger has worked in various positions for companies like Procter & Gamble, eBay, and, most recently, Fandom. Born and raised in Switzerland, Nic Brandenberger is not only passionate about the world above the tree line but also possesses extensive expertise in brand management, brand strategy, community building, and consumer marketing. Brandenberger is an experienced leader with an international background who will strengthen Mammut as a brand.

Benedikt Hanny had filled the position since spring 2022 as ad interim and will now leave the company. Due to mutual appreciation, it was in both parties’ interest to find a solution for the future together. However, after six successful years at Mammut, Benedikt Hanny decided to seek a new challenge. Mammut thanks him sincerely for his commitment and wishes him all the best for his future career.

Besides the appointment of Brandenberger as CMO, the position of Chief Supply Chain Officer (CSCO) has been created at management level. The former Head of the Supply Chain, Michael Rammelsberger, has already assumed his position. This focus on Supply Chain should help guarantee the best possible customer and consumer service, sustainable supply chain development, and further improvement of cost allocation, stocks, and delivery performance. Thus, positioning supply chain at Mammut’s` core and using it as a competitive advantage. ​

Heiko Schaefer, CEO at Mammut, comments: “Together with the newly appointed members, Nic and Michael, the management team is now complete and ready to work towards the ambitious goals we have defined with Mammut. With Nic`s experience in digital marketing, community building, and brand management, Nic will be instrumental in shaping Mammut`s future brand perception and communication. At the same time, we will optimize our Supply Chain for customers and consumers in a sustainable way through close collaboration with Michael as part of the management. I want to take this moment to thank Benedikt, who has done an outstanding job at Mammut over the past few years, especially in the past months. He helped form the foundation on which Nic and the team can now build. I am beyond excited to work with the ambitious team and am looking forward to seeing the results for Mammut as a brand.”

Nic Brandenberger, CMO at Mammut, comments: “Mammut is an iconic brand in the outdoor industry. Thanks to its Swiss origins, Mammut has a high level of alpine expertise and credibility. This heritage underlines the brand`s quality and reliability, which both are highly important in alpine sports. I am eager to work with the different teams at Mammut to strengthen this great brand and refine its positioning as well as its costumer and consumer perception. Together with my team, I want to tell fascinating stories about our products, the people who use them, and the experiences they associate with them.”

Michael Rammelsberger, CSCO at Mammut, comments: “I feel very privileged to be part of this iconic brand. Our comprehensive ambitions to grow profitably and, at the same time, reduce our global carbon footprint. With this approach, Mammut sends an important signal to its customers and consumers. We want to show that we can take responsibility for people and the environment and yet achieve the best possible product quality, on-time delivery, and first-class service.”

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