LifeStraw’s iconic water filter is now pocket-sized

LifeStraw, a public health B Corp on a mission to provide equitable access to safe drinking water, announces the launch of the lightest and most compact water filter in its portfolio.

The LifeStraw Peak Series Solo Water Filter is ultra-lightweight at only 1.7 ounces, compact at just 5.1 inches and portable. It removes bacteria, parasites, microplastics, silt, sand and cloudiness from drinking water.

The filter’s standard 28mm threading allows it to be easily screwed onto most common plastic water bottles. And thanks to the one-handed flip cap design and fast flow rate of three liters per minute, filling up a one-liter bottle takes just 20 seconds. The Peak Series Solo Water Filter is the perfect companion for hiking, backpacking, camping, emergencies, travel and glove compartments or keychains.

“This is a product our entire team is incredibly excited about. We set out to make the lightest filter on the market while maintaining a strong flow rate and performance, and after extensive field testing, we are really confident we have something special,” said Tara Lundy, LifeStraw’s chief brand officer. “I’ve already tested this product on several hiking and camping trips with my family and my kids love the visual of squeezing dirty water through the filter into a clean container. At less than two ounces, no backpack, pocket, emergency bag or glove compartment should be without one.”

LifeStraw Peak Series Solo Water Filter is priced at MSRP $29.95. Features include:

  • Protection against 99.999999% of bacteria (including E.coli and Salmonella), 99.999% of parasites (including Giardia and Cryptosporidium) and 99.999% of microplastics. Meets US EPA & NSF P231 drinking water standards for the removal of bacteria and parasites
  • Ultralightweight, compact, long-lasting water filter weighing only 1.7 ounces and measuring 5.1 inches by 1.3 inches. The membrane microfilter lasts up to 2,000 liters.
  • Highly versatile with its standard 28mm threading that easily screws onto standard water bottles.
  • A fast flow rate of three liters per minute, filling up a one-liter bottle in just 20 seconds. Its enhanced membrane microfilter performance helps to reduce clogging from sand and silt for a better flow rate.
  • Durable and sustainable materials, including premium 50% post-consumer recycled, BPA-free plastic and top and bottom caps for leakproof storage. A backwash syringe is also included.

LifeStraw believes everyone deserves equitable access to safe drinking water and is working to make clean water accessible for all. Supporting both people and the planet by providing safe water when on the go, LifeStraw eliminates the need for single-use plastic bottles and provides a child in need with safe drinking water for a year with every purchase.

To learn more about LifeStraw’s year-round efforts to provide equitable access to safe drinking water around the world, explore its 2022 Responsibility Report.

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