Keela reports record-breaking year with 30 per cent employee growth

Keela, has reported a 30 per cent increase in its workforce and a 43 per cent increase in its sales growth, after a period of sustained success.

The achievement comes after a series of investments in technology, sustainable product R&D, and new manufacturing equipment, all of which contributed to numerous retail client wins, as well as increasing sales through Keela’s website. 

The successful trajectory has been recognised by a number of award wins, including an Early Day Motion given by the UK government for Keela’s outstanding work throughout the pandemic, the People’s Choice Award for Scotland in the 2022 Family Business of the Year Awards, a double award win in the PCIAW Awards 2022, claiming the ‘Best PPE Accessory’ and ‘Nearshore Manufacturing Award’, as well as an ‘Outstanding Business’ award win, and the awarding of ‘supported business’ status to Keela’s sister company, Ilasco.

Having a strong commitment to the outdoor and local communities, the continuous success has helped the brand to expand its CSR initiatives including the continuation of ‘Bright Friday’ efforts, which sees Keela donating 15% of all sales from its website over the Black Friday period to children’s charity Cash For Kids, as well as strengthening its ongoing partnership with Outward Bound Trust.

The brand has launched a first-of-its-kind project called ‘Legacy’, designed to promote the longevity of its kit through recycling, repurposing, and giving second life to the unsold vintage garment. The Legacy Project is the latest outcome of Keela’s long-term commitment to sustainability and protection of the environment, which the brand has been embracing for over four decades.

Keela’s other sustainable projects include ‘Keela Hospital’, which has been bringing garments back from the brink of destruction for a number of years at the brand’s Glenrothes factory shop, seeing items stitched, patched, sealed, and bonded back to full health to get a second life.

Investment in product development has also seen the brand expand its existing collections, with the Primaloft range now offering the all-new Solo Jacket and Scree Smock, in addition to the merino range introducing the Merino Hoody, with further product launches in the pipeline. 

Dedicated to its mission to encourage more people to enjoy the benefits of the outdoors, Keela has confirmed its plans to explore the outdoor lifestyle market, bringing the technical advancement of its core collection packaged in new, stylish designs for everyday wear. Customers can experience the first taste of Keela’s new venture with the recently launched Crofter Parka.

Keela Sales Director, Sam Fernando, said: “At Keela we abide by our core brand beliefs of IQT – Innovating, Quality, and Technology, as well as priding ourselves on our approach to sustainability and community. Over the past couple of years, we have enjoyed a period of sustained success and growth, which was achieved by working closely alongside these brand values. It fills us with great pride to be able to create vital new jobs and opportunities for talented individuals to join Keela’s burgeoning team, as well as to see the team’s recent hard work being rewarded through a number of award wins, and I look forward to that continuing over the coming months and years as Keela grows further.”

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