EcoFlow achieves full coverage of European Market, with further expansion planned in Germany, France and UK

EcoFlow, the industry-leading portable power and renewable energy solution company, today announced that it has successfully entered all markets in the European Union, with plans to boost business activities in Germany, UK and France. Earlier this month, EcoFlow was named by Deutschland Favorit 2022 (“Germany’s Favourite”) as one of the country’s most trusted consumer technology brands.

EcoFlow Launches Official Websites in Germany, France and UK

As a sign of its further expansion, EcoFlow recently launched official websites in Germany and France. This follows the launch of its official UK website in 2021. As it ramps up activity and marks the beginning of the spring season, EcoFlow has launched its Easter sale across the European markets, offering customers discounts on both portable power stations and solar panel products.

EcoFlow Kicks off Easter Sale

This Easter, EcoFlow is offering customers savings of up to 10% on its official website. The DELTA mini portable power station, which retails for €1,099, has a promotional price of €999, equaling savings of €100. Meanwhile, a 9% reduction has been applied to the 110W Solar Panel, for a promotional price of €309. EcoFlow’s Easter sale ends on April 24.

EcoFlow Named the Official Sponsor of the AOP Awards

As it broadens its footprint in the European market, EcoFlow has also developed partnerships with different organizations across the continent, covering diverse industries such as photography, sports, automotive, and more. The Association of Photographers (AOP), recently announced EcoFlow as the sponsor of the 37th AOP Awards. AOP is the leading organization established in the 20th century for professional photographers in creative industries, whose high-profile members have spotlighted cultural and societal topics in the UK and on a global scale. 

“As awareness of renewable energy and electricity storage solutions grows across Europe, EcoFlow will continue to demonstrate its industry-leading technology and thought leadership in the field, unleashing innovations with the impact to change how we view and use energy,” said Ryan Xing, regional head of EcoFlow Europe.

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