Canada Goose brings recommerce to life in Canada and achieves sustainability milestones

Canada Goose has launched its recommerce platform – Canada Goose Generations – in Canada. Putting the company’s purpose to keep the planet cold and the people on it warm into action, Generations invites consumers to trade in and purchase pre-loved Canada Goose outerwear and apparel directly from the performance luxury brand. Generations directly supports Canada Goose’s Sustainable Impact Strategy, helping achieve its annual warranty waste goal, which is outlined in the company’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report.

Canada Goose is celebrated for its uncompromised Canadian craftsmanship, manufacturing function-first products that withstand the elements and the test of time. This latest sustainable endeavour, which debuted in the United States earlier this year, tangibly gives new life to its products and keeps quality pieces in circulation for decades. Consumers trade in their Canada Goose products via Generations’ online portal. Once they’re sent in, assessed, and authenticated, consumers will then receive a Canada Goose gift card. Powered by Trove, the industry leader in branded resale, Generations offers an assortment of renowned styles, iconic heritage pieces, coveted collaborations, and exclusive vintage items pulled from its 65+ year archive.

“Canada Goose Generations is a perfect expression of what luxury means today and defines a more sustainable tomorrow,” said Carrie Baker, President of Canada Goose. “Meticulously crafted in Canada with the best materials, our products are uniquely positioned to be re-discovered and loved for a second, third and fourth time. Bringing Generations to our home market presents a meaningful opportunity for us to connect and reconnect with long-time customers in an exciting new way.”

This year’s ESG Report is an important milestone in Canada Goose’s sustainability journey, reaching goals in advance of their target year, making significant strides in evolving its business and operations, and beginning to set its sights beyond 2025. Highlights from the ESG Report include:


  • Canada Goose reduced its scope 1 and 2 emissions by nearly 45% year-over-year by investing in global renewable energy credits that address wind, hydroelectricity and solar power, and retrofitting its manufacturing plants.
  • As it looks ahead, Canada Goose is measuring its scope 3 emissions and planning to set targets by the end of its current fiscal year, FY 2024.
  • Canada Goose achieved its goal to divert 100% of its annual warranty waste through Canada Goose Generations, the Canada Goose Resource Centre Program and the Canada Goose Response Program.


  • Canada Goose transitioned over 75% of its materials to Preferred Fibres and Materials (PFMs). PFMs include those that are recycled, organic, natural, bio-degradable and plant-based.
  • Canada Goose is committed to eliminating per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) from all of its products. The company has accomplished its goal to purchase PFAS free Arctic Tech – its proprietary fabric, used in the majority of parka styles – months ahead of schedule and with that phase completed, announced new goals:
    • By Spring 2024, all products made in Canada will be free of PFAS.
    • By Fall 2024, all products made in Europe, including rainwear, knitwear and apparel, will be free of PFAS.
  • Almost 90% of Canada Goose’s packaging has been transitioned to more sustainable solutions.

“This ESG Report focuses on key issues in our industry and around the world – from material innovation to reducing our carbon footprint to our Human Rights policy,” said Gavin Thompson, Senior Vice President of Corporate Citizenship, Canada Goose. “We continue to actively transform our business, while remaining true to our purpose to keep the planet cold and the people on it warm. I’m proud of our employees and thankful to our partners, who join us in our commitment to this purpose.”

Generations and the annual ESG Report are part of the company’s purpose platform, HUMANATURE, which unites its sustainability and values-based initiatives. To learn more about HUMANATURE, visit

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