Artilect recognised for innovation

Just a year after its global launch, Artilect has won the software category at the Slide & OTS Winter Awards 2022. The brand is the culmination of years of industry experience from its founders from both sides of the Atlantic, Trent Bush and Corry Taylor.

Both were determined not to add to the ‘sea of sameness’ currently available, but to launch a brand focusing on using future technologies to create pieces that work perfectly alone or to their absolute optimum in an apparel system.   

Corry said: “It may have been deemed madness to launch a new brand when we did but by focussing on creating something truly unique, we are giving consumers the chance to experience the leaps in technology and innovation in their clothing that they enjoy in other aspects of their lives, from the cars they drive to the phone they carry. 

“First to market opportunities from leading companies including NuYarn, YKK, Empel and Trizar demonstrate the faith these companies have in our vision. 

“We have had an amazing reaction from the trade across all the key markets as well as heart-warming feedback from our early adopters. Winning the Software Award is great recognition that our FW22 collection is the one to aspire to.”

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