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Altra unveil new brand campaign at the epicentre of Trail Running in Chamonix

Rooted in the passion of runners who value quality and comfort across all distances, Altra will be at the Ultra-Trail Village in Chamonix this August.

The ideal setting to introduce the brand’s new ‘Stay Out There™ campaign, while extending a warm invitation to runners to immerse themselves in the Altra universe. Discovering the brand’s cutting-edge technologies, engaging with elite athletes, taking a test run with a loaned pair of the latest models, and meeting co-founder Brian Beckstead.

Stay Out There™

As the world’s most dedicated movers gather to celebrate their passion for the trail and outdoor exploration, Altra invites runners to become an integral part of their new Stay Out There™ global campaign and movement.

Perfectly timed to coincide with the UTMB, and launched on August 24 Altra will press play on a captivating 30-second video ad that vividly captures the essence of individuals who grasp the transformative power of the great outdoors. Inviting runners to share their own personal perspective on what it means to #StayOutThere for a chance to win captivating Altra SWAG, bringing a tangible piece of the brand’s spirit into their own journey. Runner’s can enter by either visiting the Altra stand at the UTMB or through tagging @altrarunning_europe in their videos on socials.

Check out the video here:

Key Styles

Renowned for designing shoes that elevate your running experience, Altra will launch new and exclusive colorways for two of its iconic models at this years’ UTMB – the Mont Blanc and the Olympus 5. Models that continue the Altra tradition of being embraced and cherished by both podium-climbing elite athletes and everyday runners.

Altra Activities

Altra organised a series of free-to-attend activities from Wednesday, August 23rd through to Sunday, September 2nd. Including a run with elite athlete Théo Le Boudec on August 23rd, footwear testing at the Altra Booth, a “Meet & Greet” with Brian Beckstead on August 30th and 31st, alongside talks on Altra’s history, community runs, and cheering for athletes on race day.

A full list of events is published and shared separately, and shake out runs can be signed up to via the Altra Eventbrite page:

The Faces of Altra.

The following Altra athletes will be participating at the UTMB 2023:

Théo Le Boudec, the youngest member of the Altra team, has ambitions that match his age: to win the UTMB, the race of his dreams. At 22 years old, Théo spent his last year as a teenager living through the global pandemic and lockdown at home in Brittany, France. When the world opened up more freely, his love for nature was added to the equation, and that’s where trail running came into the picture and took control of his life.

Théo Le Boudec isn’t the only Altra athlete participating in the race; Alban Berson and Ugo Ferrari will also be present: the former having just qualified for the UTMB®, after finishing second at Val d’Aran in 2023, and the latter, a trail runner, cyclist, and hiker who hosts his own podcasts.

Spectators’ eyes will also be firmly placed on Robert Hajnal, who followed an unconventional path through the Romanian army before transforming himself into a dedicated ultrarunner and coach, showcasing his drive through accomplishments and nutritional dedication, while inspiring mental resilience.

Whilst Francesco Cucco’s remarkable resurgence led him to trail running’s world stage, ignited by his love for running on Réunion Island, exemplifying determination and mental fortitude in conquering global Ultra Trails.

The 145 km TDS race will then see Altra Polish athlete Paulina Krawczak’s compete – a former national team soccer player and soldier, who is now pursuing ambitious goals in running, driven by her passion for diverse sports and active outdoor pursuits.

Dawa Sherpa, an exceptional athlete and trail-running icon, will also be present in Chamonix. Altra is privileged to be represented by the winner of the very first UTMB® at the 2023 edition.

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