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Grab new opportunities with Brother

Expand your business prospects and diversify your client base with the Brother innovative range of semi-pro embroidery machines.

With the desire for bespoke products growing and a nationwide shift to appreciate all things handmade, creative business is booming in the UK. Each year, the craft industry is estimated to contribute over £3billion to the country’s economy, and the childrenswear, baby, and gift industries are also on the rise. Custom gifts have never been so popular, with sales of personalised items predicted to increase by over £700million between 2022 and 2027. In short, there’s never been a better time for businesses to offer their clients a range of personalised products – and with Brother’s comprehensive range of semi-pro embroidery machines, it’s also easier than ever before. 

Brother sewing machines have long been a trusted companion to hobbyists and business owners alike, with over a century of expertise and a commitment to innovation, quality, and pushing the boundaries of what can be created with a humble needle and thread. From beginner-friendly models to high-performance workhorses, each Brother machine is built upon more than 100 years of research and development. Whatever stage of growth a business may be at – from a single sewist working at their kitchen table, to a thriving hub with multiple makers – there’s a Brother machine to match. 

As the calendar turns its page to the new year, business owners all over the UK are looking for new and exciting ways to expand their product range, attract new clients, and make sure that what they’re offering stands out from the crowd. With the help of Brother’s semi-professional embroidery range – including the single needle PR1, the six needle PR680W, and the incredible 10-needle PR1055X – personalised products are easier than ever to produce, and sure to be a crowd pleaser. Modern customers have clear ideas of what they want to buy, and they expect to receive it quickly. Businesses that offer an in-house embroidery service stand out above their competitors as fast, flexible, one-stop shops for all their customers’ needs. 

Whether it’s a cosy baby blanket adorned with a child’s name, a newborn onesie bearing a whimsical animal design, or a soft toy with a heartfelt message stitched in a favourite font, custom-made baby and child creations resonate deeply with customers, adding an extra layer of love to an already heartfelt gift and increasing both creativity, and profits, for the new year.  

Many of these presents will go on to become well-loved heirlooms. They’ll be kept and cherished for years to come, and all the more special for being a one-of-a-kind, bespoke creation. This emotional connection not only deepens the recipient’s appreciation of the product but fosters brand loyalty and transforms a business from just another shop, to a creator of something really special. 

But what is it about Brother machines that sets them apart from other brands? Beyond the ease of customisation and the scope of creative opportunities they provide, Brother’s machines can elevate the quality of a designer’s work, ensuring that each stitch is a testament to the dedication and passion invested into the business. Each machine comes pre-loaded with a huge array of embroidery patterns, fonts, and monograms, meaning it’s easier than ever to get to work straight out of the box. On average, new staff master basic usage in just 1.5 hours. We spoke to one business owner to find out why she chose to use Brother machines for her business. 

“I absolutely love putting together my Baby Bear gift boxes, which contain a variety of different personalised baby items such as blankets, onesies, and towels in a keepsake box. They’re so special and they really mean something to the people who receive them – I’ve had such lovely feedback about them. I create my personalised baby gifts using my trusty Brother PR1000E, as well as a six needle Brother machine, and one from another brand. Though I’m so used to the Brother machines that I can’t quite fall in love with the third one as much! The business is going from strength to strength, and I now have two work rooms dedicated to Black Bear Designs. I feel so lucky to have fallen into the embroidery business and how it worked out for me. I couldn’t have asked for it to turn out better.” 

– Laura Black of Black Bear Designs, @blackbear.designs on Instagram 

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