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Ciele Athletics and Ostrya collaborate on a joint adventure capsule

A Montréal-born collection celebrating Pointless Ups and Downs

Ciele Athletics, the premier name in performance runwear has announced its first official apparel collaboration with mountaineering brand Ostrya.

Finding common ground in playing outside through hiking and trail running, the Montréal-based brands Ciele Athletics and Ostrya have joined forces to create a joint adventure capsule intentionally designed to support hikers and outdoor adventurers on mountainous pursuits.

Ostrya is a Montréal-based, mountaineering clothing and equipment brand. With a mission to create technical garments that reflect a progressive aesthetic, Ostrya has continuously aligned and resonated with Ciele’s commitment to performance, protection and innovative design. “We always like it when the opportunity arises to work with another brand close to home. Ostrya has been making amazing technical garments that come through with a progressive aesthetic, and many of our FRNDs, FAM and team hike and camp regularly,” shares Ciele Athletics co-founder Jeremy Bresnen. He continues, “It was a natural and easy fit to collaborate with the team at Ostrya to develop a capsule collection that would bring our two brands together.” Ostrya’s garments are created and designed to elevate daily adventures based on two simple principles: durability and playfulness. Ciele’s fresh perspective and high standards for running apparel seamlessly align with Ostrya’s modern approach to functional mountain wear, resulting in a curated capsule embodying the spirit of adventurous outdoor pursuits.

The Ostrya x Ciele Athletics collaborative collection is also referred to as the PUD collection. In hiking terms, PUD stands for Pointless Ups and Downs, referring to those days where one’s elevation profile is a rollercoaster but the rewards, and the views often associated with such adventures, are few and far between. Ostrya co-founder Simon-David Fortin reflects on the capsule, “The PUD collection was created to merge both the Ostrya and Ciele universes; it’s about running and walking long distances deep into the trails, ensuring one is equipped with the perfect combination of items for the difficult journey.” Similarly, Ciele Athletics co-founder Jeremy Bresnen shares, “While it’s normal to focus on the positives, the great days and the great rewards, there is a real honesty in this capsule’s theme that the sun isn’t always shining, and the work put in doesn’t always mean that the trip goes to plan. Working around that idea ended up being really fun, resulting in a collection that celebrates the down days because in the end, those low points make for better high points on the next trip out.”

The three-piece capsule features the TRKCap SC – PUD edition, the Sorino™️ hemp NTRTShirt and the Alpinum Half-Zip Fleece – Ostrya – PUD. The trucker cap is technically designed, featuring a pinched crown, a modern front panel backed by a COOLmatic 3D air mesh structure for packability, racer mesh for breathability and a higher crown for versatility. The cap also includes a hook and loop PUD patch that can be removed and then reapplied to the loop patch included on the Ostrya lightweight zip-up fleece. The NTRTShirt rounds out the assortment, featuring Ciele’s newly engineered Sorino fabric made by mixing naturally hydrophobic wicking hemp fibers with an organic cotton resulting in a structured fabric with a soft hand-feel that delivers top tier performance. Designed by Ostrya, the Alpinum Half-Zip Fleece is the brand’s newest and most technical pullover fleece to date, optimized as a lightweight and breathable mid-layer for high intensity activities. The PUD patch from the TRKCap can also be removed and added to the fleece for a different finish.

The Ciele x Ostrya capsule is available via and in Ciele’s flagship store in Montreal, Quebec, espace | MTL.

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