GEAR TEST: Rab Infinity Microlight Jacket

Down for all your adventures

I wore this jacket on the hills of the Yorkshire Dales, everyday walks through the woods and park with my toddler and pretty much everything in between. Out in temperatures between -5 and 11 degrees C and it certainly kept me snug all the time and a perfect fit to my body. My only niggle was that the cuffs don’t sit tight to the wrist and let cool air up the sleeve. A good jacket for those colder times of year on the hills.

Let’s talk tech first.

The Microlight is made using Gore-Tex Infinium a windproof, water repellent, highly breathable lightweight and in this case, ripstop fabric. You know those little squares you see on lots of outdoor fabric to stop on unearned tear from going too far and keeping it in repairable territory. Talking of repairs, RAB will repair your jacket if it fails due to manufacture and if it was a battle scar you got on your last trip though you will have to pay between £15 and £30 per fault depending on what you’ve done.

More tech! RAB have also utilised Nikwax’s Hydrophobic Down to help keep your feathers dry and in return keep, keeping you warm. There is a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) applied to the down to keep water out longer.

Put that tech together and you’ve got an awesome functioning jacket that will keep you warm and keep water out for longer. Still make sure you have that waterproof jacket ready in case though. Remember layering?

Look after your kit! Remember with the tech involved in this jacket you will need to be on top of your aftercare to keep it performing and last as long as possible. DWR wears off over time so find the relevant down care products to keep it water repellent.

The Microlight comes with a handy stuff sack for when the jacket isn’t in use or to keep in or attached to your pack, handy as part of your layering system ready to go at when you need it When packed its roughly 20cm x 15cm in size or around 3.5 litres.

TIP. This can be reduced by about half if you get yourself a small compression sack or drybag with straps if you’re that conscious about the space.

With 3 pockets, 2 hand pockets and a concealed chest pocket there is plenty of room to keep your hands warm and store some essentials like your phone or some nutrition etc. It can also be adjusted at the waist, neck, and hood to fit it perfect to your body. I found the adjustment at the collar great to bring it closer to my neck when not wearing the hood to trap in the warm air and stop it rising out the top. There is also a soft fleece on the inside for your face t feel some comfort when fully zipped up too.

When wearing the hood up and not wearing a helmet, if you want to keep it from dropping over your eyes you may want to look for a different jacket that has an adjustment in the rear of the hood too. RAB have this feature in other jackets. See the RAB Xenair Alpine review too. The hood on the Microlight has a wired peak you can position to help manage any weather being thrown at you.

My one issue with the jacket was that the sleeves are not snug to the wrists like some of the other insulated jackets RAB produce. Granted, if you’re wearing gloves with a decent size cuff for your trip it will plug the gap that otherwise is letting cool air up your sleeves.

RAB says, it’s a very windproof, very light, very breathable jacket with mid to high durability. It has a very small pack size and provides mid to high Insulation, and it is recommended for climbing, mountaineering and multi day trekking which hits the nail on the head. It was better up a cold snowy hill or mountain and certainly a more enjoyable playground than the one with a toddler.


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