Filtered by Lifestraw, New Fusion Reservoir.

A product with a purpose. The journey to reliably clean and safe drinking water begins with CamelBak filtered by LifeStraw®, a collection of bottles and reservoirs expertly designed for confident, safe adventures and clean water wherever you roam. Plus, every product purchased gives one child one year of clean drinking water.

Eddy+ filtered by LifeStraw®

Brand new – our Eddy+ filtered by LifeStraw® features two stages of filtration. First, the Hollow Fibre Filter will remove parasites, bacteria and microplastics. Next, the Ion Exchange Filter reduces lead, taste and odour, chlorine and other chemicals so you can enjoy clean and delicious water at home or on the go. the ever-popular flip, bite, sip – drink through a straw in a leak-proof (when closed) designed bottle. Easy to carry, clean and is dishwasher safe.

Eddy+ 1L Filtered by LifeStraw – £49.99

Eddy+ Vacuum 1L Filtered by LifeStraw – £69.99 Eddy+ 0.6L Filtered by LifeStraw – £45.99

Crux® 2L Reservoir Filtration Kit filtered by LifeStraw®

Built-in-confidence of clean and safe drinking water. The kit passes 2 litres of water through two complete stages of filtration before you drink to ensure reliably safe and leak-proof personal hands-free hydration.

LifeStraw Crux 2L Reservoir Filtration Kit – £64.99

LifeStraw and CamelBak Give Back

For every CamelBak filtered by LifeStraw product purchased, a child in need receives safe drinking water for an entire year.

All items available Feb 2022 (TBC)

By now, we all hopefully know the story of how CamelBak invented hands-free hydration! Back in 1989, bicycle enthusiast Michael Eidson was competing in the ‘Hotter’N Hell 100’ – a gruelling 100-mile road race in the summer heat of Wichita Falls, Texas. With very few places to refill a water bottle, Eidson, an emergency medical technician by trade, decided to fill up an IV bag with water and slip it into a white tube sock. He then stuffs this contraption into the back of his bike jersey, throws the thin hose over his shoulder and clamps it with a clothes peg. Hey, presto – the hydration reservoir was born!

So, who better than CamelBak to introduce the latest technology in reservoirs? After all, we invented them! The new 2L and 3L Fusion™ Reservoirs are as big on innovation and technology as they are small in size and weight. With the ease of use to fill, use and maintain, you’ll have more time to bike, hike and run!

How is Fusion ™ different to Crux?

Firstly, let us reassure you that the well-loved Crux line is going nowhere and will continue to be in our range and included in the selected Hike and Run packs when purchased. Fusion is the perfect solution for the weight-conscious adventurists amongst us. It is 30% lighter than our past reservoirs, with the newest technologies to guarantee a comfortable fit and intuitive experience.

Tru®Zip is a durable and waterproof integrated handle that makes filling comfortable and easy universal hanger for all hydration compatible packsRigid backplate eliminates the need for baffle for easier cleaning and dryingHydroguard™ technology inhibits the growth of bacteria in the reservoir and tube pitch grip allows single-handed filling100% free of BPA, BPS and BPFBig bite valve delivers 20% more water per sip/off lever makes it easy to prevent leaksQuicklink™ system for easy reservoir removal from your pack30% lighter than the Crux® reservoir compatible with CamelBak® filtered by Lifestraw® filter kit  


2L: £59.99

3L: £64.99

Available from: Feb 2022

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